Putin Warns Of Dangers Caused By Internet Anonymity, Urges Protection From ‘Destructive Forces’

RT – February 1, 2018: Vladimir Putin has described anonymity as a part of internet democracy, but noted that society has the right to defend itself from destructive forces that could use this feature for dangerous purposes.

On one hand, anonymity on the internet must be a good thing – this is democracy – but on the other hand, this causes a lot of problems because no one knows who hides behind internet nicknames,” Putin said at a meeting with trustees involved in his election campaign on Tuesday.

Really, today is not 1937, everyone may say whatever they like, especially on the internet,” he added. The Russian leader expressed his opinion that society has the right to protect its members from “destructive forces.”

We have already introduced certain restrictions in response to the propaganda of suicide, pedophilia and terrorism. Still, people keep watching things on the internet, they see what happens in the US, and after that we have crimes committed in our schools. There are no grounds for these crimes, they have just seen what happened there,” Putin noted.


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