China Has Tested Gene Editing Procedures On At Least 80 People

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SPUTNIKNEWS – January 23, 2018: China has tested gene editing on dozens of people according to a new report that shows Beijing is outpacing the US in applying the controversial technique to live humans.

At least 86 people in China have undergone a gene editing procedure, a Wall Street Journal examination of 11 Chinese clinical studies found. China’s first experiment took place in 2015, WSJ notes, when 36 patients with kidney, lung, liver and throat cancers had cells removed that allowed researchers to selectively edit the DNA of those cells and plant them back into people’s bodies in an effort to combat their cancer.

Chinese doctors said that while some patients “improved,” “at least 15 of the 86 patients have died of what doctors in the trials say were their diseases,” according to the newspaper, adding that none of the clinical trials have been formally published.

The first cohort of 18 cancer patients in the US is slated to undergo a similar procedure “any day now” with University of Pennsylvania medical researchers, Gizmodo reports. The Penn study’s main goal is determining the safety of the CRISPR technique. Link: Read Complete Article


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