United States, The World’s Policeman Mad With Power

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 19, 2018: Again, the main culprit for this worldwide disorder is the criminal and lawless global dominance and global police aspirations as well as political machinations of the United States. (Editor: The USA was given the title “The World’s Policeman” because the US Military Industrial Complex and the ruling elites gave it a big baton to beat down the resistance it came up against.) And is seen by the world as power-addicted, mad with power – as it has been for a long time – and increasingly meddles in the domestic and foreign political issues, matters and interests of other states around the world, and thereby provokes unrest, false-peace, wars and other skirmishes. (Editor: Nostradamus refers to the USA as, one who is eager to lead, and because of this obsession, in the end, will drown. Refer to page 419 in the free PDF book.)

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1412 and read about how the United States is mad for world power, and the planned war against Russia, page 1414. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)


US imposes authoritarian model without help from Russia & China – Daniel McAdams

RT – January 19, 2018: ‘If you decide to challenge America’s experiment in democracy – it’s going to be your worst day’, said the US Defence Secretary, as he unveiled America’s new Defence Strategy, which will now primarily focus on deterring Russia and China


“To those who would threaten America’s experiment in democracy: if you challenge us, it will be your longest and worst day,” Mattis said.

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 19, 2018: The main focus of national security for the United States is now power competition and not terrorism, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Friday, announcing the new National Defense Strategy.

“We will continue to prosecute the campaign against terrorists, but great power competition — not terrorism — is now the primary focus of US national security,” Mattis said in prepared remarks, concerning the country’s new security strategy, released by the Pentagon.

The official presented the country’s strong message reflected in the document, issuing a pointed warning to America’s adversaries, adding that the US Joint Force will compete to deter aggression in three main regions: Indo-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Our competitive edge in every domain of warfare — air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace — is eroding,” Mattis said.

Mattis described the US position towards those who would like to undermine the country’s democracy.

“To those who would threaten America’s experiment in democracy: if you challenge us, it will be your longest and worst day,” Mattis said.

Speaking about global stability, Mattis named North Korea and Iran as the main threats.

“Rogue regimes like North Korea and Iran persist in taking outlaw actions that threaten regional and even global stability,” Mattis stated.

The released document describes the stance in the following way: “A strong and free Europe, bound by shared principles of democracy, national sovereignty (Editor: This reference is referring to the European Union model of dictatorship and not individual countries.), and commitment to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty is vital to our security. The alliance will deter Russian adventurism, defeat terrorists who seek to murder innocents, and address the arc of instability building on NATO’s periphery.”

We are going to build a more lethal force… We will strengthen traditional alliances while building new partnerships with other nations,” Mattis said in prepared remarks released by the Pentagon.

“We will modernize key capabilities,” Mattis said. “Investments in space and cyberspace, nuclear deterrent forces, missile defense, advanced autonomous systems and resilient and agile logistics will provide our high-quality troops what they need to win.” Link: Read Complete Article


New US defense strategy: Return to global dominance, slimming down Pentagon

RT – January 19, 2018: After nearly two decades of focus on terrorism, the US military establishment is seeking to pivot back to great-power competition with Russia and China, preserving global dominance while rebuilding the “eroding” force.

“Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in US national security,” says the new National Defense Strategy, published by the Pentagon Friday, the first such document since 2008.

The strategy paints a grim picture of the world in which the US military is “emerging from a period of strategic atrophy” with its competitive military advantage over other actors “eroding.” Meanwhile, the American homeland is described as “no longer a sanctuary” from terrorists, cyber attacks, or “political and information subversion.”

“For decades the United States has enjoyed uncontested or dominant superiority in every operating domain. We could generally deploy our forces when we wanted, assemble them where we wanted, and operate how we wanted. Today, every domain is contested,” the document says. Link: Read Complete Article


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