Anti-Netanyahu Protest Grips Tel Aviv, Israel

RT – January 7, 2018: Around 3000 of Israeli protesters marched for the sixth consecutive week in Tel Aviv on Saturday, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigns over corruption allegations. Protesters shouted slogans “Bibi go home!” and “Corporate power, organised crime” while carrying placards denouncing the government.


‘Bibi go home!’ Thousands take to the streets in Tel Aviv demanding Netanyahu resign

RT – January 8, 2018: Thousands have marched through the streets of Tel Aviv in Israel, demanding the resignation of the country’s Prime Minister – over mounting corruption allegations. The protesters were carrying placards and shouting slogans denouncing the government. Murad Gazdiev picks up the story.


Israeli army responds to fresh protests with live fire

(BATTLEFORWORLD: The US, EU, etc. did not voice opinions regarding freedom or human rights when protests were going on in Israel, where the Israeli military fired rubber bullets into the crowd.)

ALJAZEERA – December 20, 2017 (January 2, 2018): More than 80 Palestinians have been injured in fresh protests across the West Bank, two weeks after US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to the Red Crescent.

At least three people were injured with live bullets, more than 20 with rubber-coated steel bullets and 40 by tear-gas inhalation in Wednesday’s protests called for by the Palestinian Authority, several political parties and trade unions.

The confrontations with the Israeli army unfolded after Day of Rage rallies were staged in various areas of the occupied West Bank including Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem and Jericho.

The largest demonstration commenced at the Qalandia military checkpoint, the main point splitting the occupied West Bank from Jerusalem and a constant flashpoint in the conflict. …

” … the crowd grew smaller leaving only young Palestinians who began to confront the army with stones,” continued Barghouti, explaining that the army then responded with rubber bullets and live ammunition. Link: Read Complete Article


Protests in Israel

(BATTLEFORWORLD: The US, EU, etc. did not voice opinions regarding freedom or human rights when protests were going on in Israel, where the Israeli military fired rubber bullets into the crowd.)

INTLTRAVELNEWS – December 2017 (January 2, 2017): Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Israel staged multiple days of protests in mid-October, culminating in a protest of more than 2,000 men who blocked streets and light rail in Jerusalem on Oct. 19. More than 120 people were arrested in that protest. The men were protesting the arrest of two members of their community who had been taken into custody for not appearing at the Israeli Defense Forces draft office when requested.

Service in the Israeli Defense Forces is mandatory for all citizens, starting at age 18. Members of the ultra-Orthodox communities each can get service waivers if they present a note from their yeshiva (religious school). However, they still must show up to the office when drafted. Many ultra-Orthodox groups believe they should not even be required to do that.

Military-service waivers for ultra-Orthodox citizens is a controversial subject in Israel, with many Israelis outside of Orthodox communities wanting the practice to end. Link: Read Complete Article


Israel: Golden statue of Netanyahu toppled by protesters

RUPTLYTV – January 7, 2018: A gilded statue of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was taken down in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, after it had mysteriously popped up the previous night. Protesters and visitors ended up in a heated debate, when activists began to attack the sculpture. It materialised that Israeli artist Itay Zalait had previously announced he was working on a political project before he erected the statue on Rabin Square. He was ordered to remove it soon after others were invited to “topple Nethanyahu”.


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