New York Times Colluded With US Government On Cablegate Release – WikiLeaks

SPUTNIKNEW – January 2, 2018: The feud between New York Times and WikiLeaks has reached a new high as WikiLeaks alleges that the Times warned Hillary Clinton’s State Department of their release schedule for the “Cablegate” diplomatic cables revealed by WikiLeaks in 2010.

WikiLeaks acquired over 250,000 US State Department diplomatic cables from Chelsea Manning, a US Army intelligence analyst. In November 2010, The New York Times along with several other large outlets released the first of these cables, which revealed candid conversations of US officials on subjects such as the War on Terror, US intelligence operations, and even a revelation that American and British diplomats briefly spied on then-UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2003.

WikiLeaks did not intend to share the cables with the Times. The Times instead received them from The Guardian, which had been given leaked cables by WikiLeaks. The Times revealed the documents they had received over nine days.

Now, WikiLeaks has revealed that the NYT emailed their schedule of reveals to the US State Department ahead of time — which they claim was done to give the US State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, time to “spin the revelations or create diversions.”

The email, sent from New York Times national security and intelligence journalist Scott Shane, includes a schedule for Times’ releases. It also concludes several offers to “talk about any other concerns” the State Department might have about the Times’ disclosure.

The email in question came from the laptop of Anthony Weiner, a former US congressman from New York who was convicted of transferring obscene material to a minor in 2017. From 2010 to 2017, Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, a close confidante of Hillary Clinton who also served as her deputy chief of staff during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Link: Read Complete Article


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