Fireballs Falling From The Night Sky

BATTLE FOR WORLD – December 6, 2017 (updated December 24, 2017): As politicians and political forces unleash their power, to see who can dominate the world, all sorts of madness are being let loose on lands and people. And the world is to experience erratic disorders of great magnitude for awhile – fireballs, wildfires, firestorms (i.e. wildfires energized by wind which causes the fire to become hotter and spread faster), hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanoes erupting, etc. – nature and cosmic weapons. And some things are best left unsaid, but when the factions fight civilians are caught up in the casualties.

The “fireballs” sensation is still premature and not fully implemented. Their appearance for now is similar to fireworks in the day and night skies, but eventually will come fear and mayhem into the years of 2020 and beyond.


Earthquake-causing ‘meteor’ rattles Michigan

ABC NEWS – January 17, 2017: Residents of southeast Michigan were left a bit shaken Tuesday night after a big bright flash lit up the sky and the ground beneath them shook.

A flying saucer? No. A shooting star? Not quite.

The National Weather Service eventually solved the mystery, tweeting “USGS confirms meteor occurred around 810 pm, causing a magnitude 2.0 earthquake.” Link: Read Complete Article


Weather Service stumped; Meteor?: Bright light, loud noise rattle Michigan residents

AP – January 17, 2018: The National Weather Service says the bright light and what sounded like thunder in the sky across the Detroit metropolitan area may have been a meteor.

Meteorologist Jordan Dale says “it was not thunder or lightning or weather-related.” And that they trying to determine what caused the light and noise, calling it “a rare occurrence.”

Some residents in the area reported their homes shaking. Link: Read Complete Article


Flying Object Confirmed: NASA Confirms Reports of Fireball in Florida Skies

SPUTNIK NEWS – December 6, 2017: The National Aeronautics and Space Agency has confirmed dozens of eyewitness accounts of a fireball striking across the Florida sky on Tuesday evening, according to a report by Daily Mail.

The amateur videos show the blazing, flying object appearing out of nowhere in the night sky, flying at high speed for a while and then exploding spectacularly behind heavy clouds. Link: Read Complete Article


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