Trump Will Be Against Globalization And The USA Interfering In Foreign Nations

Contact Report #663, November 6, 2016 – Billy Meier asks Ptaah about the presidential election in America and the candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump is regarded as “the lesser of two evils”, and choosing him over Clinton has delayed a catastrophic global atomic war from breaking out. Because this was the path that Hillary the war hawk was on, on behalf of her global governance puppet masters and the supporting American corporate media. (BATTLEFORWORLD: President Trump, for now, appears to be failing in this regard due to the neocons/Deep-State influencing his agenda.)

Ptaah: …Of course next Wednesday the world will be shocked when Trump wins the election, because his mode of speaking was, and is, not the most cultivated one, however, he has good basic approaches in various directions, which he intends to implement if he is not interfered with by his advisors and those who are might-obsessed and want to direct him according to their scheme, and most likely also will in certain matters, as it has been the case with all US presidents and will continue to be so.

However, if he succeeds he will set out against globalisation and also against the USA interfering too much in foreign nations, as it has done up to now and thereby neglecting the order in its own country, rather building it up again [the order].

However, time will tell to what extent he will be able to push through his basic ideas, because beside him are all the might-obsessed ones around him, who do not let him act according to free will, but who will try to steer him at their own discretion, as it was the case with Obama also, who was lacking the necessities to be able to prevail.

And because Trump is not really a politician but a man of business, in this regard he will have a difficult standing as president in his own government department. This will also be the case in regard to foreign policies, whereby also the machinations of the EU dictatorship will be decisive for it, because once he has assumed presidency it will make an effort, through renewed negotiations, to restore the close relationships and connections with the White House and the US government which it lost through his election.

And as far as I know the EU dictatorship will try to pull the USA onto its side and together with it form a political, economic and military might-coalition, whereby already very early a forming of a coalition is attempted, indeed as soon as the first shock has passed, which will hit the dictatorship, because it does not expect Donald Trump but Hillary Clinton to win the election, who has an engaging and accommodating stand towards the EU dictatorship.

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 827 and read about the presidential election in America. Version 5.xx-2017 (UPDATED), PDF Format Link: > Download from MediaFire)


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