US Missile Shield – Europe And Asia – The Truth

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 21, 2017: SputnikNews, Bruce Gagnon, co-founder of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, told Radio Sputnik that the US Missile Shield in Europe and Asia is based on US anxieties about changes in the global balance of power.

Partial transcript from the radio show:
Sputnik: …Critics of the move says, development of this type of weapon makes actually the use of nuclear arms war likely. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

Bruce: I think its very true. I think when you create these smaller type tactical smaller type nuclear weapons , you are giving the battlefield commanders more options and it makes their use more likely. Unfortunately, its a hugely hypocritical signal, as the United States today lectures countries like North Korea and Iran about the evils of nuclear weapons. But this is what the United States routinely does act from a position of utter hypocrisy.

Sputnik: What could be the possible reaction of other nuclear powers of the new proposition?

Bruce: I think it will only destabilizes the global system. Just as the US deployment of so-called Missile Defense Systems that are now being used to encircle Russia and China. They give the United States an advantage, because missile defense is really the shield that would be used after a US first strike attack. In fact, at the US Space Command, their annually war game, computer war game, a first strike attack on Russia and China, and after the US launches an attack trying to take out Russian and Chinese nuclear forces, those countries fire their remaining retaliatory capability, and it is at that point, the US Missile Defense Systems are used as the shield to pick off that remaining retaliatory capability. So the US is escalating the arms race, and Russia and China can’t afford to reduce their nuclear weapons at a time that the United States is introducing these so-called Missile Defense Systems.  And now you introduce tactical nuclear weapons into that equation, it gets even more destabilized, more dangerous. And that’s what the United States is trying to do, it’s trying to create chaos and out of that chaos it thinks that it will be able to dominate the world. … Link: Read Article

References – Links:
[ US THAAD Missile Defense Systems in S Korea Target Russia, China – Moscow ]


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