Might Of Thought: Media Ecology And Neuro-Linguistic Programming

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, refer to page 1162 and read about the long ago prediction regarding The Fall of America; also refer to pages 1072, 1084, 1085, 1086, 1087, 1130, 1132, 1133, 1137, 1139, 1140, 1143, 1144, 1145, etc.  also refer to pages 1120, 1374, etc.; starving the population with hunger and killing them off with wars, page 1409; the US is fighting to dominate the world’s natural resources, page 1413; secret plans by the USA and EU to start war with Russia, page 1414; and check the “table of contents”. Version 5 UPDATED, PDF Format – Link: > Download from MediaFire)

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 17, 2017 (updated September 24, 2017): ”This citation article details how the “Might [power and influence] of Thought” is being used on the population in an abusive and forceful way for control and some of the companies involved. And also what is the possibility of President Trump winning a second term is discussed.

I first heard about Marshall McLuhan from an intelligence source in the 1990’s. They said that McLuhan was writing his books about media manipulation using secret information he had access to, and that McLuhan saw it necessary to bring this information forward and that companies operating media communication and broadcast businesses were also using information from his books on the public. And that at some colleges students studying Broadcast Communications are required to read his books.

The source also encourage the general public to read McLuhan’s books because mass media corporations are using information from his books to manipulate them on a daily basis.

So, what people think, the cultivation and the manipulation of their thoughts, have been going on before the computer age. And the source said that with digital technology you could do a lot more compared to analog technology, but never went into details regarding what they meant.

Summary: (Herbert) Marshall McLuhan, the father who wrote the book on Media Ecology, i.e. the extensions of the human senses. Using Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology, the twentieth-century Canadian writer and communications theorist proposed that the MASS MEDIA, particularly television, were creating a GLOBAL VILLAGE (and in their language was a form of totalitarianism). He also maintained that the means of communication has a far greater influence on people than the information it carries (see THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE – book publication). The medium is the message, using Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology: A statement by Marshall McLuhan, meaning that the form of a message (print, visual, musical, etc.) determines the ways in which that message will be perceived. McLuhan argued that modern electronic communications (including radio, television, films, and COMPUTERS) would have far-reaching sociological, aesthetic, and philosophical consequences, to the point of actually altering the ways in which we experience the world.


Media Manipulation

RT – September 14, 2017 – Keiser Report: America’s Falling Apart (E1123): Max Keiser interviews Michael Krieger – about media manipulation. Transcribed by battleforworld.com:

Max: …Michael, you have written something that’s very interesting. …That Google has become a threat to democracy, tell us more.

Michael: This is actually a topic I have been writing about a long time now. And it goes back to a core problem that we have been having as an American public, if there is this unity that I hope still exists as far as what the real threat is. As you know, what Republicans tend to think, what the big threat is, large government. The Democrats tend to lean towards large corporations and that’s just a perverse problem, because it’s both.

And the key issue is power; it doesn’t matter whether it is corporation that has power or government that has power, too much and you have got problems, and that’s just the tail of history. And so Google has really come up to the forefront this year (2017), in sort of its coming out party, with James Damore firing and now, essentially the kicking out of Barry Lynn’s Open Markets group from within the America’s New Foundation, so that’s what sparks this latest post that I wrote. And it has to do with Barry Lynn, is running this group of about ten people called Open Markets within a Think Tank that is heavily funded by Google and Eric Schmidt, and they have been at the forefront of anti-monopoly research, anti-monopoly conferences and really getting the message out there particularly about these platforms monopolies, which are essentially Facebook, Google and Amazon, and how they pose a threat to not just competitive practices within the business that they dominate, but within the larger political context.

And so Barry and his team is essentially being forced out of this Think Tank because they annoyed Google. And it shows you that Google at this point is very much using its money and power to stifle ideas that could threaten its fight for monopoly. And once you have that you start to get into a point where, who can actually go up against Google at this point; they dominate so much on how you interact with search, whether it is Youtube which they own; as how we get our videos; most people probably watch this (the Keiser Report) on Youtube for example, and they are cracking down on that too.

So if Google dominate so much of our lives and they have a narrative they want to push, and they are economically threatening the livelihood of people who go up against them, we’ve got a serious problem with democracy.

Max: That’s not new in America. We have had the ever monopolization of industries before, over the years, over the hundred years or so. And just looking at the other side of the story here, when Google obviously, they are not doing this by accident. They have had staff meeting about this obviously, Eric Schmidt, these guys have sat down and decided, yes we want to monopolize this industry, yes we want to go anti-America, yes we want to undermine democracy, of course we do, because we are power thirsty and are psychopaths. But, what is there rational for this, what do they think that they are doing, assuming that they are not self-aware enough to know that they are psychopaths.

Michael: Oh no, I actually don’t think that they are self-aware enough to know that they are psychopaths. And I just happen to think that Eric Schmidt in particular, and I do like to point this out, because I do think that he’s sort of a mastermind behind all this. I think he’s the one that’s really a power hungry control freak and he loves the idea that Google in now in bed with government and that he can sort of influence geopolitical events as well. So I actually think he’s part of the problem, but of course it’s the bigger power thing that is a problem. I think it’s pretty simple actually, Google is a company and Google consists of people that run Google and people have merits – ways they see the world and then they have their own personal ambitions, and so whenever you get to such a degree of power and dominance in something, in the fields that Google happen to dominate, it’s just sort of a natural human inclination to then try and pound people with your narrative, with how you see the world, and then you think that other views are either hate speech or fake news, or whatever, and then you try to crackdown of that, so they can’t do a narrative, to become the entrench dominant narrative, so I think it’s as simple as that. The people that run Google have a narrative (in) the way they see the world and they are now increasingly using their dominance in search and video and other things to ensure that their world view is the dominant world view and that nothing can threaten it, and that again is a huge threat to us as a people.

Max: It’s interesting that they are monopolizing thought in a lot of ways, instead of, let’s say going back to the robber baron period of monopolizing the railway or the steel industry, the physical world by buying out competitors; buy the tobacco industry for example when the machine was introduced to roll cigarettes, and so roll cigarettes, the company that came up with that, under-priced their product to the point where they put everybody else out of business, etc., but these are physical objects. What you are describing here, that we saw during the leading political campaigns is the “ability to influence” people’s “thought” on an industrial scale, using all manner of neuro-linguistic programming and subliminal advertising and algorithmically driven meme, crafting that essentially lobotomizes the American public. The American public thanks to Google has been collectively lobotomized. Your thoughts.

Michael: Yeah, I mean, so back in the day all you had to do was, as far as communication were concerned, you just had to buy the newspapers. So like someone like William Randolph Hearst can own the newspapers and dominate what people thought through those narratives. Then obviously with the internet, what that posed, the big problem, because all of a sudden you had all the rabble like us, getting out there, starting video channels, starting blogs and proving our own independent prospective on how the world works, how we see the world, how we want to live, so they have a narrative that they are wishing to pursue and the problem is that too many other people are giving their own opinions.

Now Google and Facebook are in very unique positions, because they dominate things like social media, again video and search, where that’s a way to essentially censor other perspectives away…should they want to do that. And what we have seen in the last year or two is that they do want to do that. And are doing it, and I think the big moment they realized that they have to censor Grabble was when Hillary (Clinton) loss. Because Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose (the 2016 election), because she was the chosen candidate, how could Trump beat her, and the reason Trump beat her is because a lot of us could talk and say we don’t like Hillary and Trump is not great either, but we will take a chance on this guy and I think that was the real wake-up call. And executives at Facebook and Google finally figured out we have had enough, and we need to stop people from sharing their own narratives because we are losing control of the narrative.

Max: I think you are right. That’s what triggered it, the Hillary loss, and because she went into it with a billion dollar war-chest with big data at her side, where she was able to parse the data down to a micro level and figure out that someone in Des Moine was eating an avocado sandwich would more vote for her if she wore the color pink or something like this. And yet and all it came (to) naught. Looking ahead to the next big election cycle in 2020, obviously Trump is a well experienced marketeer, knows what he’s doing. How is this meme war going to take place; what can the Trump camp come back with to fight the Google propaganda?

Michael: Okay, so I actually think that all that is going on actually helps Trump in a major way, because what is going to happen, just like (how) Trump was a backlash to people (who were) feeling like they were being force fed Hillary Clinton, right now there is going to be a backlash to people like they are being forced to not say what they believe and they are not allowed to have a different opinion. So what we could see again in 2020 depending on who’s his primary opponent in the general, is again people deciding, you know what, I am going to stay home or I am just going to vote for Trump, because these people are trying to manipulate me too much. It’s the same reason why I am so against the idea of calling any speech hate speech and banning it, because as soon as you band something and make it contraband or illegal, if there is reason that this stuff is festering in the first place, it will only become more popular. You have young kids who are disillusioned, they will hear this stuff and they will be like, well I am not supposed to talk about this or I am not supposed to think about this, so it becomes cruel in a way. So that’s a real big problem, and so again this could backfire against Google, Facebook and all these other people trying to control how we think and the narratives that we are allowed to pursue, could actually help Trump. So I think it’s really a stupid strategy in addition to being undemocratic.

Max: Yeah, it’s remarkable that the standard barrier now for free speech now in America appears to be the Nazis or the neo-Nazis. As you point out, if people feel like they are being curtailed in a major way, again they are going to seek for an alternative and that alternative at that point will still be Trump. Even though pretty much, I don’t think of any policy pre-election; candidate Trump is really following through on, in any meaningful way. What are the negative economic impact of these tech monopolies? If they didn’t exist, what would it look like…if we didn’t have this oligopoly in the tech sector?

Michael: So one of the things a lot of people are pointing out from an economic standpoint is really important. Is yes, in the beginning, that Google is certainly innovative, Facebook was very innovative, but what they have been doing in the last many years is not actually creating a lot of successful products, they are just going out there and buying companies up, they are creating dynamic successful products. So what you end up with, you end up with these enormous entities that are just consuming the innovation and then redirecting it for their own purposes. So Google let’s say, wasn’t allowed to make all the acquisitions it has been making and to dominate so many various important fields in the US economy, a lot of these companies as independent companies would probably create a much better dynamic independent entrepreneurial environment that we would exist in. But these platform monopolies are no longer innovative. It’s sort of like banks, they don’t do any good other than engage in parasitism and rent-seeking in a lot of ways and so we need to wake up to that fact. And we need to get out of this dream world where we think anything that is technology driven or is out of Silicon Valley is the good guys. Google has become very evil.

Max: I have noticed over the years that anybody who really know anything about economics, who can speak articulately about why, let’s say the rightwing, their policies are anti-competitive and anti-democratic; unfortunately they get bought out, swallowed up or coopted by the rightwing. In other words, if you know really what is going on and can speak against it in an articulate way you are going to get bought out.

Michael: This is becoming the increasing problem with Youtube. Google didn’t say you are banned to most people, but what they did was, we are demonetizing your videos. Which is just a way of saying, we will starve you to death if you do not play by our rules – if your narrative goes against our narrative. So yes, it’s never been more important to be economically independent as much as possible, because that’s the only way you are going to have free speech. …They are trying to cut people off from having an opinion using the money system, making sure they can’t earn a living.

Max: …Thanks much.

References – Links:
[ SCHMIDT STEPS DOWN AT GOOGLEFACEBOOK Faces Reckoning As Regulators Close In. 2017 Was Bad for Facebook. 2018 Will Be Worse. ]


Earth People’s Consciousness And Subconsciousness Are Being Manipulated

Contact Report #512, July 7, 2012 – Zafenatpaneach, a Plejaren computer and security technician, informs Ptaah that the Earth people’s consciousness and subconsciousness are being manipulated – the “might [power and influence] of thought” is being abused and forcefully used against the population for control.

Ptaah: Zafenatpaneach explained again that on the Earth a religious-sectarian organization works together with a certain secret service to manipulate the people via television, computers and the Internet as they wish. Not only are television equipment and many monitors manipulated so that the organization can see directly into the room and observe and listen to everything, where the respective device is located, but the computers are also manipulated at will. However regarding the computers it means that these can be controlled from outside and impaired, if that is the wish of the organization concerned. This has been the case for many years whereby you also have been affected by it with your computer which was penetrated in order to disturb your work such that with certain writings, articles and books, that deal with religious and sectarian delusion, serious mistakes have been inserted or important facts deleted. Even pure computer disturbances are practiced with you, whereby even faults can occur. The whole thing, however, goes even further, because the mentioned secret service-religious-sectarian organization also intervenes in the lives of all users of televisions, monitors and Internet users and manipulates them. This organization which is protected in a secret service manner using all the rules of the art has achieved worldwide admittance by means of it’s countless number of manipulated devices into the consciousness of the people and steers their behavior in many areas.

As, for example, before in cinema and video films, etc. individual pictures of food and consumer goods were inserted that were registered into the subconsciousness of the spectator audience that resulted in the food and items being purchased commercially, this is done today in a similar manner by the said organization. With it the technology is so far developed with the assistance of the secret service concerned and their technicians and electronics engineers, programmers etc. that television sets, certain types of monitors as well as the entire Internet can be abused for their own purposes. The whole thing extends not only to the religions and sects, but also to the politics and economy, namely in the manner that vibration impulses are emitted by the manipulated devices and apparatuses which are taken up by the people subconsciously and influence them. These impulses steer people subconsciously so that they faithfully turn to religions and sects, become religious-sectarian fanatics, suicide bombers and terrorists. Also politics is steered in large measure in this manner; whereby at elections, the voters, are also being influenced by vibration impulses, consequently they choose those in the next government, etc., as directed by the emitted impulses. Even concerning food, commodities and luxury goods etc., the same methods of influencing the subconsciousness and controlling the person come to the fore, but also in terms of “contribution enthusiasm” at begging organizations and the like. Also disharmonious as well as religious-sectarian music is steered in this manner and through vibration impulses leads to mass hysteria etc. Today there is hardly anything that is not used to influence people subconsciously and to drive matters, actions and behaviors that are not self-determined, but criminally-determined by the thoughts and aspirations of those who gain some profit from it. Very many people are to such a degree no longer capable of their own decision-making, which they do not notice however, that therefore they do things and maintain thoughts that are given to them subconsciously by vibration impulses.

Billy: In a time since passed, when I still went now and then to the cinema, the films were manipulated so with pictures that the spectators ran off during the breaks to buy ice cream, nuts, chocolate and Coca Cola because they were urged to do so by the inserted pictures that penetrated into the subconsciousness. One day, when these rotten activities became public, the film manipulations concerning the inserted pictures became banned.

Ptaah: This is right, however, now the whole thing repeats itself in the manner mentioned by Zafenatpaneach, namely many times more extensively than at the time when cinema films were still being manipulated. And what regrettably appears with the whole reprehensible thing, is the fact that worldwide, to the whole population of the Earth, nothing is known of it and of their manipulation in this shameful manner.

Billy: Now I know this, I also understand why in politics the wrong people usually get at the helm of government. And it makes me understand why, during a sale of all kinds of goods in department stores, etc. hysterical masses get into a purchasing fury and also buy many other unnecessary things. Also it becomes understandable why, in today’s time, so many humans still cry for the death penalty and endorse wars, as well as commit terror and suicide attacks etc. Also the fact that the believers of religions and sects as well as the members of extreme right and left groups become more fanatical and do not shrink back from Gewalt [1], murder, torture, robbery and destruction etc., thereby has become explicable. All this leads to constantly increasing and ever more comprehensive discord. Consequently it is also no wonder that disastrous riots are ever more prevalent, since for about 2.5 decades a purported music has reached people worldwide that is entirely disharmonious by which these people become more active in Gewalt, unscrupulous, conscienceless and indifferent to each other. And if everything continues in the framework mentioned, then an uncontrollable anarchy and roaring chaos will ultimately develop.

[1] “There is no English word that conveys the true meaning of the German word “Gewalt”, which is the brutal execution of elemental might and force, but it is far above all might and all force. Gewalt exists in different and relative forms, one example being a ‹gewalttätige Gesinnung› – expression from the character, personality, thoughts, feelings and emotions that shows the inclination to act with Gewalt. When human beings possess or carry out acts of Gewalt and it is not based in logic, then this usually involves violence, brutality, degradation and is terribly destructive.”



Trump Suggests Facebook Colluded With Media Against Him

THEHILL – September 27, 2017: President Trump on Wednesday seemed to suggest that Facebook had colluded with the news media against him during the 2016 presidential race.

“Facebook was always anti-Trump.The Networks were always anti-Trump hence,Fake News @nytimes (apologized) & @WaPo were anti-Trump. Collusion?” the president tweeted.

Link: Read Complete Article



Manipulating Thought – The Trendy New Craze

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 22, 2017: Like years gone by when companies would hire motivational speakers to lecture their workers about performing better, and today the trend has been revised and the latest is “manipulating thought”.  Jamie Wheal, titled as a “high-performance expert” has been spreading the latest rage into mainstream, fueling people into forcing to rethink how they can all lead richer, more productive, more satisfying lives. Driven by four accelerating forces – psychology, neurobiology, technology, and pharmacology – Mr. Wheal believes that we are gaining access to  insights about some of the most contested and misunderstood knowledge in history. And that these insights are a guidebook for anyone who wants to radically upgrade their life.

Mr. Wheal offers attendees the chance to “upgrade” their nervous systems to meet this incontrovertible information overload, and his solution is what he calls “flow.” First theorized decades ago by the Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow is an elusive state cultivated by artists, athletes and others; a state of being so absorbed in what you are doing that you lose track of time and thought, finding themselves guided rather by instinct and intuition. This state has also been referred to as the Zone – or just “being in the moment.” And for those who have experienced it, there is no denying its magic.

The neuro-chemicals that define flow or ecstasis are powerfully alluring, said Mr. Wheal, and warned they are not always used for good. And said, for instance, that Donald J. Trump instinctively knew how to manipulate them in gathering support for his presidency. And that “Trump hacked ecstasis,” – “light, sound, movement, repetition, etc. scapegoating the other. And Hillary Clinton says she does not use these tricks because she has ‘a policy binder,’ while Trump pulled all the strings. Link: Read Article


The Antitrust Case Against Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

WSJ – January 16, 2018: Today’s tech giants are just as dominant: In the U.S., Alphabet Inc.’s Google drives 89% of internet search; 95% of young adults on the internet use a Facebook Inc. product; and Amazon.com Inc. now accounts for 75% of electronic book sales. Those firms that aren’t monopolists are duopolists: Google and Facebook absorbed 63% of online ad spending last year; Google and Apple Inc. provide 99% of mobile phone operating systems; while Apple and Microsoft Corp. supply 95% of desktop operating systems.

Yet Google’s monopoly means some features and prices that competitors offered never made it in front of customers.  …A growing number of critics think these tech giants need to be broken up or regulated… Their alleged sins run the gamut from disseminating fake news and fostering addiction to laying waste to small towns’ shopping districts. But antitrust regulators have a narrow test: Does their size leave consumers worse off? Link: Read Complete Article


Mind Control Battle: FACEBOOK vs. MSFT; Microsoft wants to patent mind control

THEREGISTER – January 15, 2018: Microsoft has applied to patent a brain control interface, so you’ll be able to “think” your way around a computer device, hands free.

Last year, Facebook claimed to have 60 engineers engaged in BCI [brain computer interface] but Microsoft isn’t going to take this sitting down. It’s erm, sitting down and thinking really hard. Link: Read Complete Article


Facial recognition database? Google’s new art selfie app sparks privacy concerns

RT – January 15, 2018: A new feature of Google’s Art & Culture app, which allows users to find their art doppelganger by uploading a selfie, is being dubbed by some as a “facial recognition database.”

The new update to the app, which has been in existence for more than a year, has unleashed a frenzy of activity online as users post images of their painting lookalike. …

According to Google, the feature is experimental and is currently available only to US users. It states that the data from any images uploaded won’t be used for any other purpose and will be deleted after the match is made.

Google already uses facial recognition technology in Google Photos and revealed last year that the AI even works on dogs and cats.

Last year privacy concerns were expressed about Apple’s iPhone X Face ID which allows you to unlock your phone by holding it to your face and Facebook’s use of facial recognition to notify users when someone has uploaded a photo of them even if they haven’t been tagged in it.

The ACLU have warned that the biggest danger with facial recognition technology is its potential use for general, covert surveillance systems. Link: Read Complete Article


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