The United States And Another Group Are Secretly Fighting

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 14, 2017:

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The United States and another group are secretly fighting.  The US is trying to inflict financial damage of that group’s location, and that group is trying to inflict financial damage on the United States using forces of nature. We are on the last leg of the financial battle. The US is going to lose its place as petro-dollar world power. Powerful forces are at work.

Information is all over the place but they are not being linked correctly.

Hurricanes can be created to surpass Category 5!!! A hurricane slows down as it passes over land, due to lack of heat (to create moisture, and also land creates more friction slowing it down), but this can be fixed, however at this time the hurricane driver at the moment choose not to create mayhem. But if the United States decides to start World War III, expect hybrid-hurricanes and BIG ONES!!!…, and these are essentially advanced nature weapons.

The secret battle is over the dominance of the petro-dollar. And Terrorism, North Korea, Iran, etc. are just side shows that camouflage the petro-dollar handler hopeless and futile fight.

>phone line

That will give away too much information. The US did make concessions, but the rhetoric is back up again with penalty and things like that. A lot went on today in the news, Sept 14 regarding retaliation penalties.


President Trump Says Puerto Ricans have ‘Thrown Our Budget A Little Out Of Whack’

WASHINGTONPOST – October 3, 2017: During his visit to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico on Oct. 3, President Trump said, “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”  Link: Read Complete Article


Puerto Rico Running Out Of Money

BLOOMBERG – October 5, 2017: Puerto Rico faces a government shutdown on Oct. 31, including halting its hurricane recovery, if Congress doesn’t provide billions in emergency funds, said Treasury Secretary Raul Maldonado.

The U.S. commonwealth’s bankrupt government is burning through the $1.6 billion it had on hand before Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, destroying decayed infrastructure and killing 34 people. With widespread damage to telecommunications systems and the electricity grid, Maldonado doesn’t expect to begin collecting sales tax for at least another month, he said Wednesday.

“I don’t have any collections, and we are spending a lot of money providing direct assistance for the emergency,” he said in an interview in San Juan. “Without the assistance from Congress, Puerto Rico’s government will not be able to operate next month.”

While attention has focused on the commonwealth’s staggering $74 billion debt, Puerto Rico faces a more immediate crisis in the wake of the storm. It’s running short of money for fuel, salaries of recovery workers and food aid. Meanwhile, only 8.6 percent of customers have electricity, mobile-phone service is sharply curtailed and many mountainous rural areas remain inaccessible. Link: Read Complete Article


Hurricane Irma’s Force Decreased

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 12, 2017: As hurricane Irma sailed through the Atlantic picking up speeds of category 4 and 5, leaving behind much devastation as it traveled over islands, but as Irma moved along the coast of Cuba, its swirling force decreased due to the Bermuda effect, and Florida was speared much of its wrath.

If Irma had hit Florida as a category 4 storm the financial forecast in damages was estimated to reach about $150 Billion dollars, but due to the Bermuda effect wreaking the hurricane the damage sustained is estimated to be around $50 Billion.

Speculation: If Irma was an artificial hurricane as some suggests, was someone in the U.S. ruling establishment on the phone with the hurricane driver making concessions (YES!!!), and was something agreed on (YES!!!), where as a result the hurricane driver decreased the force of Irma? (BATTLEFORWORLD: I inserted other articles in this post to give hints.)

References – Links:
[ A $150 Billion Misfire: How Forecasters Got Irma Damage So Wrong ]


Venezuela Reportedly Stops Using US Dollars In Oil Trade

SPUTNIKNEWS – September 14, 2017: Venezuelan authorities have told oil traders that the country would no longer make or accept payments for oil deals in US dollars, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources familiar with the situation.

Oil traders who export Venezuelan oil or import petroleum products have already begun to convert invoices to euros, the media outlet reported.

According to the WSJ, Venezuela made this decision in a response to the US sanctions introduced last month. The Ministry of Petroleum of Venezuela has not yet commented on the report.

The reported comes a day after a statement made by Venezuelan Minister of Petroleum Eulochio del Pino, who reiterated the country’s president’s vow to start selling oil in currencies other than the US dollar, in particular, the Chinese yuan. Link: Read Complete Article


The End Of The Petrodollar

BATTLEFORWORLD – September 12, 2017: Financial hurricanes are everywhere and there’s no storm bigger than a category seven hitting the U.S. Dollar. Rest in peace Petrodollar. Russia will sell oil for Yuan, and also swap Yuan for gold. Where’s the U.S. Dollar is all of this. Nowhere. And China is launching a Yuan-based priced crude oil contract. Which you can buy in Yuan and convert immediately to gold. A few countries have tried this before: Remember Saddam Hussein had tried trading oil in Euros and he was assassinated, and Muammar Gaddafi tried to trade oil in Euros and he was assassinated, etc. And so countries have been trying to get out of the U.S. Dollar for quite sometime. The dollar world reserve currency was crafted so that when you buy oil, you have to buy dollars first, and that is what keeps the dollar up. But now China has taken a bold step in the 21st Century to replace the U.S. Dollar. (BATTLEFORWORLD: And the U.S. is going to launch all sorts of overt and covert attacks against China to try and upset China’s Yuan emergence.)  And we are going to have another recession in the United States and it’s going to happen soon. Link: Reference


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