Putin Declared ‘Total Independence’ From Rothschild’s Banks

PRIZNAJEM – September 6, 2017: In June last year, President Putin banned Jacob Rothschild and his family of New World Order’s banking system from entering the Russian territory “under any circumstances,” and now, just over a year later, Putin declared “total independence” of the global bank cartel and the Rothschild International Banking Credit Organization

Announcing this “best gift” that can be donated to future generations, Putin organized a party in the Kremlin to celebrate this achievement.

“They said we can not do that, they said we would be destroyed,” Putin said to staff and senior advisers. “Our future generations will be born without the banker’s restraining cuffs around the joints on their hands and feet.”

“This is the best gift we can give them.”

Putin’s greatest legacy

Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin also spoke at this event and praised Putin’s achievement in ejecting Rothschilds from the country.

“They do not go easy,” Kudrin said. “But we’ve proven that’s possible.”

“The greatest inheritance that can be passed on to your children and grandchildren is not money nor other material things that accumulate throughout life, but a legacy of freedom from slavery.”

With the last payment of all debts of former Soviet republics to central world banks – it makes Russia the only country that released the tyranny of the banking system of the New World Order – Putin has ensured that future generations of Russians do not live in the slavery of debts towards the globalist kabbalah.

It should be assumed that the Rothschild bank racket was a loophole around the neck of the Russian economy. Once the knot shrunk, the economy would struggle and suffocate.

Since its founding in 1944, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have been the main players in the global economic system. These international banking organizations, privately controlled by the Rothschild banking family, first pressed the state to deregulate its financial sector, allowing private banks to plunder their economies.

Once governments are forced to rescue their deregulated financial sector, the IMF or the World Bank compiles a credit package written in secret by central bankers and finance ministers, undermining their national sovereignty and forcing them to adopt austerity policies that harm workers, families, and the environment.

Russia was the first country to be paralyzed. They have been working hard to gain financial independence and are now completing the process of ejecting Rothschild’s banks from their country.
Putin’s style

At the beginning of his presidency, Putin set priorities to unite Russia socially, spiritually and economically. He ordered the arrest of an oligarch who had the support of Rothschild, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who declared Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and Artur Hartman to the founders of the Open Russia Foundation.

Last year, Putin recalled his cabinet as he was carrying with Rothschild and globalist bankers by “grabbing them and throwing them through the back door of Russia.”

“They do not own the world and have no unlimited power of attorney to do what they want. If we do not oppose them, there will be even more problems. We will not allow us to be harassed. ”


Photo: EPA

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