Use North Korea To Start A World War

BATTLEFORWORLD – August 24, 2017: As Gerald Celente would often say, “When all else fails, they take you to war.” And now an article appeared on Sputnik News website titled “US Allies Alarmed Potential USS McCain-Like Incident ‘May Fuel Korea Crisis'”, about using some sort of false-flag to start a war with North Korea.


Trump’s Shutdown Threat Raises Stakes For Lawmakers In Looming Funding Battle

BATTLEFORWORLD –  August 23, 2017: BattleForWorld has been talking about this happening since May 2017, and now in August, the American news media starts to report about it. While in May we reported that just before the federal extension budget expires in October, President Trump has threatened to give the government a thorough shutdown.

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US Allies Alarmed Potential USS McCain-Like Incident ‘May Fuel Korea Crisis’

SPUTNIKNEWS – August 23, 2017: Washington and its allies are seriously concerned over the incident regarding the US Navy destroyer John S. McCain due to the fact that this warship is part of the US 7th Fleet, which is specifically tasked with countering North Korea, a Russian expert told Sputnik.

“I think that the cause of the collision is the general ‘mess’ which is currently happening in the 7th Fleet, given that it is not the first such episode which caused human casualties,” Safonov said.

“Why did this incident cause wide public outcry? Because the main question asked by the US allies, including South Korea and Japan is what will happen, if God forbid, the 7th Fleet, where such a ‘mess’ is in place, will somehow fuel the Korea crisis,” he added.

Safonov recalled that “it is the USS John McCain and other ships of the 7th Fleet that have been sent on a mission to contain North Korea.”

Incident: The US guided-missile destroyer John S. McCain crashed into the Alnic MC tanker while underway east of Singapore at 5:24 a.m. local time on Monday. Link: Read Complete Article


‘Rather Bad Sign’: Russian MP Says US May Seek To Escalate Conflict With N Korea

SPUTNIKNEWS – August 26, 2017: Kosachev noted that despite the escalated tensions around North Korea, the United States decided not to postpone its Ulchi — Freedom Guardian joint military exercise with South Korea which would help normalize the situation, as Pyonguang had protested against the drills calling them “a dangerous military provocation.”

“If this is not done, than someone needs it, as they say. Maybe even more than the real progress in the peaceful resolution of this difficult international issue,” Kosachev pointed out. Link: Read Complete Article


McCain And Graham Want WWIII

RT – January 30, 2017: The latest targets of US President Donald Trump’s ire are fellow Republican Senators John McCain & Lindsey Graham, who Trump says should focus on important issues “instead of always looking to start World War III.”

Donald J. Trump (Twitter, @realDonaldTrump), January 29, 2017: The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration. The two…

Donald J. Trump (Twitter, @realDonaldTrump), January 29, 2017: …Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.

Glenn Greenwald (Twitter, @ggreenwald) January 29, 2017: I know we’re all supposed to love McCain & Graham now but it is true that their policy desires would have started WW3 multiple times by now.

Link: Read Complete Article

(Focus on ISIS, not starting WWIII: Trump blasts Senators McCain and Graham.)


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