Western Media Stories About North Korea Attacking The US Are All Lies

BATTLEFORWORLD – August 15, 2017:  Do this, search Google…and Youtube for North Korea’s state media article or footage where Kim Jong-un says anything about attacking the United States or other countries. You won’t find any, because they do not exist. All these stories are coming from unreliable intelligence, like the Fake News about “Russia hacking the US election”. They are all lies crafted and fed to the media for hype-news reporting to “panic” the financial markets and the public. The western medias are headlining the story plots. Also, search for news videos from North Korea state TV on Youtube and see what they are mostly about. All this fear-mongering and panicking is being deliberately done by Western media. This is so shameful. And as the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “the story around North Korea, the nuclear program of the Korean Peninsula as a whole, is now being enacted like a US internal policy map.” Link: Read Complete Article


BATTLEFORWORLD – August 20, 2017: And the fear-mongering and the panicking of the public and the financial market continues. CNN and the Wall Street Journal are kicking off this latest edition of North Korea and Kim Jong-un scary-movie.

CNN: North Korea warns of ‘merciless strike’ ahead of US-SKorea drills and ‘Uncontrollable phase of nuclear war’… (BATTLEFORWORLD: The article refers to a “Rodong Sinmun” article, but there’s no link to the article for verification, and why not, because Rodong Sinmun has a website available in English. I guess the public is supposed to believe CNN? Go to the North Korean website Rodong Sinmun and try to verify the rhetoric coming from CNN.) And on Youtube, the uriminzokkiri channel is said to represent North Korea’s state TV, and their website is here; use Google or Bing to translate. Link: Read Article

WSJ: Games begin… Link: Read Article

Reading the articles from both Western media sources you will notice that they are sensationalized. But why? Is it to incite fear and panic in Western readers? This can only be interpreted as acts of Gewalt. Very shameful and sadistic.

References – Links:
North Korea’s latest propaganda puts Trump in cemetery ]


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