Manipulate Trump Into Resigning Voluntarily

SPUTNIKNEWS – August 10, 2017: Although it is very unlikely that US President Donald Trump will be impeached in the coming months, it appears that his opponents are preparing a different kind of scenario aimed at ousting Trump from the Oval Office, Russian academic Sergei Sudakov told Radio Sputnik.

Mainstream media are speculating about the possibility of Donald Trump’s impeachment; however, according to Professor Sergei Sudakov of the Russian Academy of Military Science, there is another plan crystallizing in the minds of the US president’s opponents.

A brief list of the ‘known unknowns’ suggests Donald Trump’s presidency will not survive 12 months,” the Guardian claims.

“The scenario being touted in Democrat circles is that Trump tries and fails to sack [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller, one or more suspects get immunity and the beans are spilled. Trump then either resigns or is impeached. Mike Pence becomes president,” the article foresees.

Sudakov noted that it is highly unlikely that Trump will be impeached in the next several months.

“It [usually] takes a lot of time to launch an impeachment procedure,” Sudakov told Radio Sputnik, “If someone wants to impeach Trump before Christmas, it’s not possible to carry this out technically.”

It appears that while claiming the possibility of impeachment Trump’s opponents are preparing a completely different scenario.

They are not so much preparing for Trump’s impeachment, but want to manipulate him into resigning voluntarily,” Sudakov suggested, “They want to put into effect ‘the Richard Nixon (1969-1974) scenario’… And many congressmen and senators have begun to openly call upon [their counterparts]: ‘Let’s overthrow Trump — it will be much easier for us to negotiate with [Vice President Mike] Pence.”

According to Sudakov, the US president is losing his “war” against the US establishment and mainstream media.

“After being elected, Trump said that he would definitely ‘drain the Washington swamp’ and declared war on the [US] establishment,” the academic recalled, “But there is a simple rule: either you hit, or you just say that you will hit. For six months we have not seen any action on his part against the establishment.”

“It’s a policy of words, not a policy of actions,” Sudakov highlighted.

“[Trump] also declared war on mainstream media [MSM], but did he finish what he started? No, he didn’t. He left it half-finished and created even more problems for himself,” the academic concluded. Link: Read Complete Article


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