Growing Babies In Incubator

BUSINESSINSIDERUK – August 3, 2017: This concept incubator would be able to grow babies for 9 months in your living room.

The product is just a concept that was thought up by students at Product Design Arnhem but in the future, this could be a possibility.

Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have successfully delivered lambs that had gestated in a “biobag” filled with amniotic fluid.

The “biobags” have never been tested on humans but the technology is advancing. (BATTLEFORWORLD: They have been doing this type of growing process since the late 1970s. Refer to Human Doubles, Clones And Aliens.)


Baby sheep successfully grown in artificial ‘biobag’ womb

Co-inventor Dr. Emily Partridge discusses how the new technology could provide improved care for premature babies. (BATTLEFORWORLD has been at the forefront revealing this type of technology to the world since the year 2009. Refer to Human Doubles, Clones And Aliens.)


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