The Phasing Out Of John McCain From Congress

BATTLEFORWORLD – July 20, 2017: John McCain has done his service for the Ruling-Elites, and now he’s being put into retirement, their way of phasing him out of congress and politics, because he’s no longer needed. But maybe they will give him a miracle?

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[ HE’S BACK! McCain returning to Senate ]



AP – July 20, 2017: Sen. John McCain, in Congress for more than three decades, has been diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain tumor.

The 80-year-old Arizona lawmaker has glioblastoma, according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, where McCain had a blood clot removed from above his left eye last Friday (July 14). He and his family are considering further treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation. Link: Read Complete Article

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[ McCain’s blistering statement rips President TrumpMCCAIN VOWS: I’LL BE BACKSen. John McCain diagnosed with malignant brain tumor, A PARTICULARLY AGGRESSIVE TYPE ]


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