Is Donald Trump Physically Ill? – He Doesn’t Seem As Vigorous’

SPUTNIKNEWS – July 17, 2017:  A biographer and longtime personal observer of US President Donald Trump has suggested that the commander-in-chief is physically ill, based on observations at staged media events.

Speaking on US President Donald Trump’s awkward handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump’s biographer Michael D’Antonio observed that the president appeared to be “less steady on his feet,” and is showing signs of physical weakness.

D’Antonio, who revealed that he had been contacted by officials within the French government prior to Macron’s election win concerning the US president’s bizarre hand-shaking habits, stated that Trump wanted to “halt the little stroll” he and the French president were having, possibly due to his ill health, according to Rawstory.

“I’ve noted in recent weeks that he doesn’t seem as vigorous,” suggested D’Antonio, who added that Trump “doesn’t seem as steady on his feet.”

During the US president’s meeting with Macron, Trump walked about 10 steps with the French president and stopped, ostensibly to make a verbal point.

“When [Trump is] walking with someone he’ll pause often to point out something or chat, but I also think he may be steadying himself,” asserted the professional presidential observer.

Trump, while eschewing alcohol, is known to refute the value of physical exercise, sleep little and consume a high percentage of cheap American fast food in his diet.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself: Do you agree with Trump’s biographer? Link: Read Article


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