Russian And Chinese Media Creating New Information Order

TASS – July 4, 2017: The Russian and Chinese media have been creating a new information world order based on responsibility and honesty, and aimed at improving the audience’s media literacy, First Deputy Head of the Kremlin administration Alexey Gromov said addressing the Third Forum of the Russian and Chinese media dubbed The New Future of Russian-Chinese Cooperation and the Role of Media.

“Today, the media in Russia, China and many other countries, particularly in the BRICS Group member states [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – TASS], have gone ahead to create a new information order based on top professional skills, accountability, honesty, respect for the audience and willingness to inform and enlighten the public,” Gromov said.

The Kremlin official pointed out that enhancing the audience’s media literacy was one of the main goals of this new order. “At the same time, it is very important to counter attempts to monopolize the media market,” he resumed. “In this regard, I think that we have achieved some progress,” he went on to say. “As we know, monopoly, particularly in such a sensitive sphere, often leads to stagnation and decline,” Gromov emphasized. Link: Read Complete Article


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