The Climate Change Swindle

BATTLEFORWORLD – May 30, 2017: First, the public must understand that “Climate Change” is very real and a threat to the Earth, but what is not right about the movement is the abuse that the Ruling Elites are implementing.  Where the First World countries will get all the renewable technologies to lessen carbon emissions, while the poor, emerging, third world countries will be allowed to still use the dirty energy resources where they will be charged a “Carbon Tax” fee calculated by their dirty energy emissions. And this is the Climate Change swindle, which has very little to do with Climate Change, and a lot to do with profits on behalf of the Rothschild’s family.

And the anti-Climate-Change gripers have President Trump believing that the “Climate Change” scheme policy is unfair to the United States. (But there are things that cannot be said here, other than the gripers are being deceived, and are probably being used to obstruct the unfair carbon tax scheme that the globalists want to implement. And in the mix of it all, the real threat regarding Climate Change suffers because the problem is not address. But when all the manipulating technologies are stopped and the real Climate Change shows itself, I hope it is not too late to address the real concerns.)

References – Links:
[ ‘We’re Getting Out’: Trump Yanks US From Paris Climate DealTrump pulls U.S. out of climate accord saying it is a foreign attempt to seize American jobs and American wealthTRUMP PLANS TO PULL OUT OF PARIS CLIMATE DEAL? ]


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