Russia Has Little Reason To Trust NATO After It Absorbed Whole Of Eastern Europe

BATTLEFORWORLD – May 29, 2017: Bolshevism was transplanted from the Soviet Union into the United States in the early 1980s when the Russian Orthodox Christians started to oust the Bolsheviks (i.e. Russian Zionist Jews) from power inside Russia.

The American Rockefeller Cartel gave them sanctuary inside the United States, which slowly led to a small group of the old Bolsheviks taking over the Pentagon. Then the Rothschilds used Henry Kissinger to launch a coup against the Rockefeller Cartel, murdering Nelson, David and Laurance. Although the Russians and the Rockefellers weren’t the best of friends, the Russians had to quickly intervene to block the new Bolshevik power-group that was emerging after the coup in America from total success.

These Bolsheviks in the Pentagon began to unleash war plans which later shaped the “war on terror” foreign policy using the outgoing President Carter and the incoming President Ronald Reagan. The Bolshevik financial headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York. The group, also known as the western Russian Mafia, makes much of its money from gasoline distribution, drugs, money laundering, etc. And the US FBI was told not to harass them.

Many of the breakaway side states (Eastern Europe) of the former Soviet Union are under the influence of the old Bolshevik war machine using NATO, with their operations being orchestrated from inside the United States and England in concert with the Rothschilds, Zionists and a tier of the Rockefeller family.

The Bolshevik power inside the Pentagon was eventually reined in. But filling that vacuum was the Bush Sr. faction, which led outwardly to the U.S. neo-conservative movement political front. The Bush Sr. faction died down in the Pentagon with the outgoing Obama Administration, but the neo-conservatives with Rothschilds’ meddling are in force commanding a shadow group known as the Deep-State [The Military Industrial Complex]. With the United States-England-Europe unleashing fake wars, destroying countries in the name of humanitarianism and fighting terrorism, and so far getting away with war crimes and crimes against humanity, at times with backing from the United Nations.

At some point, Russia and China will have to take a bold stand to end the war madness being spread worldwide by the U.S.-Israel-England-Europe the 666-Movement military-financial machine. The counter-force, Putin and Medvedev are managed by the Russian Orthodox Christian faction, the peace ones in power now in Russia. I was informed that the “peace ones” now ruling Russia will be in power for a very long time because they have fortified their bases with high technologies. Link: Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill Has Arrived In Cuba For A Historic Meeting With Pope Francis And the United States and England are using Angela Merkel, a Zionist with an Israeli passport, to start world war three in Europe using NATO against Russia. Download this PDF and read about the “EU Dictatorship” and “the Zionist Angela Merkel”, pages 367 and 529: Link: > Download From Here — MediaFire


SPUTNIKNEWS – May 29, 2017: NATO officials have once again said that they are searching for ways to engage in meaningful dialogue with Russia. Asked to comment, international politics expert Viktor Nadein-Rajewski said that for now, he doesn’t see any constructive steps toward Moscow on the alliance’s part.

Asked to comment on Gottemoeller’s remarks, and to weigh them against NATO’s actual behavior, Viktor Nadein-Rajewski, a senior research fellow at the Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations, stressed that flowery rhetoric aside, Russia has not seen any positive steps emanating the alliance.

“Let’s start from the fact that Moscow never turned its back on peace. Everything else is just fabrication and propaganda clichés,” the observer said, speaking to Radio Sputnik.

It’s a fact, Nadein-Rajewski added, that Russia-NATO “relations have reached a level where no room for improvement can be seen.”

“Of course NATO would like, without any conciliatory gestures apart from verbal ones, to get Russia’s consent to what is, let’s be blunt, the occupation of the remaining territories of the former Soviet Union. After all, their forces are being deployed there, with Ukraine and Georgia in line [for membership].”

“But I do not see any constructive steps on NATO’s part toward Russia,” the analyst stressed. “Some of their statements inspire hope, yes, but for now it’s all talk of good intentions. NATO must abandon [policies] which pose a direct threat to Russia, threats to its territory. But for now this threat continues to exist.” Link: Read Complete Article



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