The Reason Behind The United States Mischief With North Korea – America-China Financial Wars

BATTLEFORWORLD – April 29, 2017 (July 7, 2017): Why is the United States being mischievous in South East Asia? Well, the truth is that Donald Trump during his US presidential campaign was very vocal leading up to the election, saying that it was always about China, China, China, but after the election he realized that China did not sallow the bait in the way that he had anticipated. And so Trump has decided (or rather the Ruling Elites have decided for him in foreign policy) to move onto North Korea, Iran and Syria, starting war conflicts and bellicose fearmongering, to panic the holders of US Dollars back into the United States Treasury Bond Market, to keep the interest rate low, so that the financial Ruling Elites can continue their Ponzi scheme (Wall Street speculative bubble markets, etc.). This is the United States cleaver way of earning ghost money…into the treasury to continue with business as usual.

China and Russia are well aware of what is going on, and that the United States is a big paper tiger. And so China and Russia will at some future time bring their gold plan online (and this is the pending endgame) to neutralize the US mischief making of terrifying others into supporting their dollar Ponzi scheme at the barrel of a gun.

And so people, do not fall for the news media fearmongering campaign about Kim Jong-un of North Korea itching to start nuclear war. Because the United States is very scared to start World War III, and it knows that if it does, a catastrophic earthshaking moment awaits.

Max Keiser (10:58mins into the video): The question is, with all that issuance, how come that there is not more of inflation? And the answer is that, when the United States create there trillions of dollars worth of debt, they also LINK IT TO ACTS OF FOREIGN POLICY AGGRESSION, to scare people out of other economies into the U.S. Dollar Security, like the U.S. Treasury Bond. This is why the U.S. invaded Iraq, (wanting) to bomb North Korea perhaps; this is why the U.S. is hostile toward Iran… They (the U.S.) want to get all these dollars that are overseas (to) PANIC into coming into dollars, coming back into the U.S., to keep the U.S. Treasury Rates low. And with low interest rates you can issue more debt, more debt, more debt, etc.

And here’s an article from the New York Times: The Market Is Betting Trump Will Bring Higher Inflation and Interest Rates – “And on Wednesday, bond markets sent one signal loud and clear: The Trump years are likely to feature higher inflation and higher interest rates than have prevailed in recent years.” That is because during his election campaign he was backing out of foreign policy nation building war schemes, and that meant lots of monies would have dried up. President Obama continued the sham economic war policy and Hillary Clinton knew that she also would have to if elected; and what Trump was saying during the election campaign was not realistic with how the financial markets operate. And if Trump was to keep his promise about abandoning foreign wars and put America first (the people’s America), then he was not acting presidential. And that’s the reason why the corporate media gave him such a difficult time and will continue to do so if he decides not to follow the war path – hiding the collapsing US economy from the people.

And much of the financial markets in the West have become usurious into the realm of speculation, thief, etc. And economists who are aware knows that President Trump is not properly informed in this area and will have to be quickly updated that different rules (like fearmongering, war, hype, speculation, etc.) now drive major areas of the financial market.


Excitement, fanfare – hooray!!! The fearmongering has paid-off. Enough funds have been raised from the North Korean nuclear war fearmongering – for the United States government budget, but only for couple months. You can all go back to sleep now until the next fear drama:


‘Very last option’: McCain skeptical about preemptive strike on North Korea

South Korea & United States finish military drills amid tensions on peninsula


SPUTNIKNEWS – July 7, 2017: The ‘Gift’ That Keeps on Giving: North Korea Hints at More Missile Launches. Link: Read Article


WASHINGTONPOST – March 2, 2017: “If markets won’t buy a (i.e. U.S.) government’s bonds — or will only buy them in return for punitively high interest payments — then the (i.e. U.S.) government is in big trouble. A (i.e. the U.S.) government with a need to quickly refinance some of its outstanding debt (so that it doesn’t default) will find itself in even deeper trouble.”

“What happens if financial markets are no longer willing to buy bonds issued in dollars? In that case, the (i.e. U.S.) government has to find a way to generate dollars. (BATTLEFORWORLD: And so “financial Instruments” in the market has to be brought into a state of panic to generate dollars.) This can be difficult, especially if the country’s currency doesn’t buy as many dollars as it used to.”

“When investors are nervous, the U.S. government has to offer higher interest rates on Treasury bonds to persuade them to buy U.S. debt. This means either bigger fiscal deficits, or less money for the U.S. government to spend on other things.” (BATTLEFORWORLD: The United States and allies started stirring up the North Korean crisis in April, but preparations started in the spring of 2016 about Kim Jong-un nuclear capability.)

This is what will happen if financial markets panic about Trump


FORBES – October 1, 2013: The federal government’s fiscal year officially ended at midnight on September 30. …Whether this is a short-lived or long-lasting shutdown depends on the relative negotiating strength of the parties. During a government shutdown, essential government functions are still performed. …Social Security checks will still go out. The military will still operate. A government shutdown doesn’t really shut down the government. …Hitting the debt ceiling or running out of wiggle room for the Treasury does not mean the government has an increased risk of defaulting on the U.S. debt. Default is a technical term. (BATTLEFORWORLD: And the corporate media avoid using the word “default” and instead uses “shutdown”.)

Government Shutdown, Followed By Default? – Forbes


Just before the federal extension budget expires in October, President Trump has threatened to give the government a thorough shutdown.

Trump: The Government Needs A Good Shutdown In September


BATTLEFORWORLD – May 8, 2017: Another Kim Jong-un media showdown is being planned. The fearmongering is about him developing space capability to destroy United States Satellites with EMP (electro-magnetic pulse).


References – Links:
[ Syria missile strike: Now Donald Trump is just another war president | Anti-Iran Propaganda Rhetoric From Washington Not to Die Anytime Soon | Sen. Chuck Schumer says North Korea is “testing” President Donald Trump – (BATTLEFORWORLD: The Ruling Elites want to see how far they can push Trump, because China is the “big one”, according to Lindsey Williams, as told to him by his elite friends.) | Schumer Praises Trump Strike on Syria | Schumer, Pelosi among Democrats to react to Syria strike | Former Senior US Treasury Official Juan Zarate Admits Financial War Reality in New Book | Trump Stops Short of Calling China Currency Manipulator Amid North Korea Crisis ]


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