Battle Between The US Deep State And Russia

ZEROHEDGE – February 28, 2017: It’s worth noting that governments, specifically the CIA, have for long periods of time had chemical concoctions that can induce a full systematic shutdown of a person’s nervous system and in some cases cause someone’s’ heart to explode.

Former acting director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Michael Morell openly conspired to “covertly” kill Russians and Iranians in Syria in an August 2016 interview with Charlie Rose. While Morell was talking about killing Russian and Iranian soldiers it is definitely a strange piece to add to this puzzle. Are we witnessing a battle between the “Deep State” (The Military Industrial Complex) and Russia in a spy versus spy plotline or is this all just a freak coincidence? Link: Read Complete Article

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 28, 2017: The US Deep State consists of traitors, an enemy group of some several hundred individuals in government who have sold out the United States of America for financial gains, for ideology and religion. The group spies for and works for the “ruling elites” (who are shielded from the public) and their liaisons – the front people in public, the scapegoats (the Bush family, the Clinton family, Dick Cheney, the Koch Brothers, George Soros, Bill Gates, etc.) – the ones the public often verbally attack.

References – links:
[ LIMBAUGH: DEEP STATE SABOTAGE | With Sessions sidelined, prosecutor Obama promoted would oversee Russia probes ]


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