Russia On Equal Footing With US First Time After USSR Collapse

SPUTNIKNEWS – February 17, 2017: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy has turned Russia into a global power, allowing it to be on equal footing with the United States for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Germany’s special coordinator for Russian policy, Gernot Erler, said on Thursday.

Thanks to its successful foreign policy, Russia’s relationship with the United States is on equal footing again, Erler said, adding that Moscow can now take part in creating multipolar world.

“[Russian President Vladimir Putin] has made some achievements in the foreign policy that Russia had been unsuccessfully striving for since the Soviet Union’s collapse, [namely] to be on equal footing with the United States, the only global power until now,” Erler told the Mannheimer Morgen newspaper, underscoring the success of Russian policy in Syria.

Edler added that Russia and China are ready to establish multipolar world order, adding that the two states sought equality in relations with the United States.

“China and Russia ready to establish a multipolar world order. They do not want to receive further instructions from the United States, they seek equal relations,” Erler said.

According to German official, China’s Silk Road project is one of the bright examples of the new world order establishment.  Link: Read Compete Article


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