Babies ‘Made Without Mothers’

DAILYMAIL – By Mia De Graaf – January 12, 2017:  Babies made without mothers ‘will come sooner than we think’, leading scientists warn after study discovered how to make embryos from skin cells.

Highlights: Last year British doctors discovered how to make embryos from skin cells. It would mean that men could conceive a baby with other men alone. At the time, scientists said the scenario is ‘speculative and fanciful’. But top biologists at Harvard and Brown warn science is ‘hurtling’ faster than we think, and urge nations to look at the legal minefield that surrounds the idea.

Late last year, a team at the University of Bath discovered that sperm and skin cells – or any other kind of non-egg cell – might be all you need for conception.

At the time, they said the scenario of men conceiving with men was ‘speculative and fanciful’. But in a new report published today, the top embryologists at Harvard and Brown Universities urge nations to begin contemplating the legal minefield that would surround mother-less babies.

‘With science and medicine hurtling forward at breakneck speed, the rapid transformation of reproductive and regenerative medicine may surprise us,’ they write. Link: Read Complete Article


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