Trump’s Attacks On Iran, China, Taiwan Potentially Harmful For Ties With Russia

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 4, 2017:  While 2016 showed some promise that global politics in 2017 can improve, much will depend on the first steps of the US’ new administration, according to the Head of the Russian Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev, who spoke to RIA Novosti about two possible models of global development in 2017.

Both models have an equal chance of adoption, the parliamentarian told RIA Novosti.

“The worst-case scenario would be a trivial continuation of the ongoing processes, namely enduring confrontation with the US, which sadly is only too possible if Donald Trump opts to send negative messages on Iran, China and Taiwan, and continue the military build-up,” he suggested. It will have an impact on the relationship with the European Union, where the position of those in charge to go on with anti-Russian sanctions and Russia’s so-called “isolation” will gain more support, the senator suggested.

Under this worst but possible scenario, he added, there will be no progress neither in Ukraine, nor in Syria, which will bring the relationship between Russia and the west to a dead end.

“Betting on the expectancy of the soonest collapse of the Russian economy, prospectless implementation of Minsk agreements through pressuring Russia alone, as well as continuation of the western support of the so-called opposition in Syria and condemnation of Damascus’, Moscow’s and Tehran’s positions will only mean postponing any progress on key issues for a minimum of a year. Then 2017 will be lost not only for Russia,” the parliamentarian said. Link: Read Complete Article


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