The U.S. Military Is “100% Certain That 911 Was A Mossad Operation, Period”

Telephone interview with Dr. Alan Sabrosky. He comments on 911, that it was an Israeli operation done by the Mossad and that the U.S. is aware of this. And Dimitri Khalezov shed some light regarding the Israeli involvement in 911. Readers comment that “They want to CONTROL us and they are doing it. 9/11 was done to convince the american sheeple to go to war against israel’s enemies. the USS liberty was shot up, because we were going to catch them red-handed in their dirty work. it’s really very easy to understand, actually. May I suggest reading “THE HIDDEN TYRANNY”, by Dr. Benjamin H. Freedman.”; “That is their way. Break up the family unit/social cohesion and keep us ‘baiting’ so we remain aloof to their plot. They assassinated Kennedy because Kennedy wanted to print money via the silver standard, While the Jews insist on their intrinsic currency, so they can get rich at the cost of others”; “These zionist criminals are also poisoning our children (and some adults) with their filthy media, all the porn they produce, also the banking institutions like Goldman Sachs. These criminal mongrels are also sending your country broke. Americans stand up now otherwise it’s going to be too late,they are the evil in the world they’ve conned us but now we now,do something about it NOW”, more comments at video posting.


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