US Navy Electromagnetic Railgun Test

POPULARMECHANICS – July 6, 2016: The U.S. Navy electromagnetic railgun in development by BAE Systems in the U.K. has carried out several tests. The gun can fire a projectile up to 4,600 mph, that’s approximately Mach 6. The new technology weapon uses no gunpowder or chemical propellants, eliminating the need to carry dangerous explosives on a warship. The weapon has the potential to hit a target over 100 nautical miles away.

Still in development, the weapon is long away from technology advances, enough to efficiently power the gun we currently have. The U.S. Navy needs a solution for the near future, and it has come up with two: to fire the railgun projectile out of conventional cannons or the other solution is to develop a railgun that uses less power. Link: Read Complete Article


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