Obama Punishes Trump For Hillary’s Loss

BATTLEFORWORLD – December 29, 2016: The Rothschilds are still very upset that their Globalist Movement torch to have the United States continue military dominance setting the world on fire wasn’t able to be passed on by President Barrack Obama to Hillary Clinton.  And so Obama was instructed in his last days to demote president-elect Trump in anyway possible. And that meant to end his presidential term on a sour note, belittling Trump; chiding Russia (Trump’s future alliance partner), using Fake News about Russia’s interference in the US presidential election causing Trump to win.  And so Obama resorted to “kitchen diplomacy” and hit Russia with sanctions, making every effort to create a tense transitioning atmosphere for President Trump.

The corporate media was severely manipulated to support Hillary and talk negatively about Trump in the hopes that people would believe the deception news hype and vote for Hillary overwhelmingly to win.

And so Obama has handed the presidency to Trump with a screw-face.

But, if Trump can be manipulated/brainwashed/conned into continuing Obama’s aggressive foreign policy bullying, then the Rothschilds and their corporate media dogs will be happy as Trump joins in the continuation of Russia bashing, which will morph into China bashing, Iran bashing and Turkey bashing along with their longtime scare tactic script about North Korea, and with all that comes with that mess is the building up pressure phase to World War III.

So far Trump is resisting the manipulation, but for how long?


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