Trump To Rumble With China

BATTLEFORWORD – December 28, 2016: During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign he promised to go after China for their unfair practices against the United States. With the Republicans and Democrats chiming in with support, I do not believe they understand what they are getting into. Just as how President Obama did not understand the unfolding events when the Rothschild…agents throw him into the ring to rumble with Russia.

Trump cannot rumble two opponents at the same time, and so Russia will exit the ring for China’s turn. And Trump is convinced that the United States main geopolitical enemy is China and threatens to introduce restrictive trade and economic measures against Beijing. But my fellow readers, this is all a predictable plan. Trump is in for a treat as he goes up against the Old Guards of China. Lets hope sane heads prevail in this encounter.

Similar to how the US did Reaganomics using President Ronald Reagan who believed that he could fix the nation’s economic mess using voodoo economics, which is defined as “an economic policy perceived as being unrealistic and ill-advised, especially a policy of maintaining or increasing levels of public spending while reducing taxation.” Regardless, the Rothschild…agents where there to help Reaganomics along and segments of the population were experiencing fairy-tail bliss economic revival masked with consumerism and entertainment, as economic bubbles were deployed to give the illusion of success. The economic trickery continued with…the Obama Administration to which the Rothschilds noted that he has ended his presidency leaving a huge productive legacy.

Now President Trump is going to unveil his version, Trumponomics. The Rothschilds are not in the driving seat and are bitching, nonetheless they will find ways to add their input. In a positive way, I doubt it, since their candidate was Hillary Clinton the war hawk. And the Rothschilds’ position is that the most important thing that the United States does well is to stir up war troubles and was the reason for its military industrial complex. To do the dirty work of the ruling elites in the quest for One World Domination. And the peace that the US does achieve in countries, those countries are under military occupation and/or monetary slavery.

A few things that will sure to give President Trump headaches as he rumbles with China: The devaluation of the Yuan, economic warfare chess moves, which is going to ignite hyperinflation and interfere with the value of the US dollar internationally. Of course this is not going to happen in the twinkling-of-an-eye. And don’t forget the South China Sea and countries in the area that the elites will use to irritate China throughout Trump’s presidency.

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[ Got ‘Em by the Bonds: If US Sanctions China Over N Korea, Its Economy Would TankChinese state media tells Donald Trump’s team to ‘prepare for military clash’ ]


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