Rothschilds Clinging To Power Using Terrorism And Fake News

BATTLEFORWORLD, December 27, 2016: In the 2016 US presidential election, the corporate media played an important role under the command of Rothschild agents. An election the Rothschild family had hoped Hillary Clinton had won to continue their grand globalism plan to which they are proud participants. And so with all the money they have poured into “fake news” to help Hillary Clinton win the election, has failed. But the Rothschild agents thus continue, using Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham, to keep the “fake news” story alive about Russian interference in the US election. And now the Rothschilds are hoping that the senators can convince the US congress to pass a bill severely sanctioning Russia.

The Rothschild family despises President Trump and are displeased that they are not represented in his cabinet. And are worried that Trump will move ahead and undo gains made by the family against Russia.  And Trump forming an alliance with Russia against terrorism is not in their interest as it will interfere with the terrorist networks that the Rothschilds and allies maneuvered onto the global stage to ignite civil wars. Their supporters in the US congress and the media are going to resist the plan to become friendly with Russia.


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