Moscow Would Welcome Henry Kissinger’s Expertise In Russia-US Relations – Kremlin

BATTLEFORWORLD, December 27, 2016: Henry Kissinger is a deep fixture in world politics and knows a lot about the grand master plan. The Rothschilds in the late 1970s used Kissinger to carryout a coup d’etat against the Rockefeller Cartel where brothers John D. III, Nelson and Laurance were murdered. Then some months later Henry Kissinger was killed in a private plane crash. The Rothschilds then began to overtake the Rockefeller Cartel. That overtake eventually brought Global Terrorism online…into the Obama Administration, and this was to continue if Hillary Clinton had won the US presidency. But know, there is a shift in power again, the Rockefeller Cartel is now hoping to use President Trump to push back the gains that the Rothschilds have made in the United States over decades. The Rothschild family, proud globalists, vehemently despises the president-elect Donald Trump and have vowed to make things difficult for him during his presidential term. I know Kissinger still exist in media, thanks to science; and now he has switched back to his old boss, the Rockefellers.


Moscow Welcomes Henry Kissinger’s Expertise

RT – December 27, 2016: Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has ‘deep expertise in Russia-US relations,’ Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said commenting on a report that the 93-year-old may have a role in normalization of ties between Washington and Moscow.

“Kissinger remains one of the wisest politicians and experts who, among other things, has deep expertise in Russian affairs and Russia-US relations,” Peskov said on Tuesday.

“If his expertise and rich experience, accumulated over the decades, will be in demand in some way, we would definitely welcome it,” he added, speaking with journalists on Tuesday.

“But, of course, the relevance and applicability of [Kissinger’s] expertise is not our business, it has only to do with our American colleagues, we cannot interfere with it,” Peskov concluded.

Bild wrote on Monday that “According to research for western European intelligence services, based on information from the Trump team, the future president is looking to abolish the anti-Russian sanctions on Kissinger’s recommendation,” adding that US President-elect Donald Trump is seeking a rapprochement with the Kremlin.

The publication adds that Kissinger, who was secretary of state and national security advisor during the Nixon administration, has “clear ideas” about future relations of the two nuclear superpowers.

“He believes that a rapprochement with Russia is the right thing to do that will help offset the increasingly militant China. A balance between America and Russia will strengthen global stability,” the authors of the article say. Link: Read Complete Article


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