The Democrats Are Losing On All Fronts, Praises Trump

BATTLEFORWORLD – December 23, 2016: The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Friday praised the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, saying that he was up-to-date about U.S. society, and was critical of the Democrats, saying they had forgotten the meaning of their own name and were losing on all fronts.

REUTERS – December 23, 2016: Speaking at his annual one-of-a-kind worldwide jam-packed audience, the news conference in Moscow, Russia’s president said that only Russia had believed that Trump would become the next president of the United States, but that did not mean the Democrats had the right to blame him for their defeat.

“A party (the Democrats) which has clearly forgotten the original meaning of its own name,” Putin said, accusing the party of “shamelessly” abusing their status as the ruling party to try to influence public opinion. Link: Read Complete Article


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