Jmmanuel, The Man Disliked By The Zionists, The Romans And The Ruling Elite Cabal

Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1

BATTLE FOR WORLD | December 15, 2015 – Updated: January 2, 2017: The Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, a free PDF book, includes excerpts from the Billy Meier contact-reports with the Plejarens and others, and the Talmud of Jmmanuel – Unauthorized has some of the corrections that the original translator (Isa Rashid) failed to incorporate in the original translated text. Read the full narrative of Jmmanuel. The true story banned by the church. As religion today is organized and capitalized on for the purpose of controlling the masses into the abyss of nothingness.

Free Book, over 1,500 pages, PDF Format Link: > Download Volume 1 FREE from MediaFire

In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, “enhanced”; and the Talmud Of Jmmanuel – Unauthorized, read about:

(1) Why the Russian Monk Rasputin was murdered and by whom.
(2) How The British Used World War I to Further Their Empire.
(3) How Ronald Reagan Laid The Foundation-Stone For US War Policy.
(4) Islamic State, US World Control Imperialism, EU Dictatorship.
(5) How Christian Groups Are Being Misused.
(6) The Two Bush Presidents In America. World War Three.
(7) The Earthquake Destined For San Francisco, California.
(8) How The Books Of The Bible Came Into Existence.
(9) The Great War In Heaven.
(10) The Creation Of Adam And Eve.
(11) Religious-Sectarian Organisation Working With The CIA In America.
(12) US World Control Imperialism, EU Dictatorship.
(13) Jim Jones Religious Massacre In Guyana.
(14) Confused Religions.
(15) USA Superpower Status Could Come To An End.
(17) Darwin’s Theory About Human-Monkey Evolution.
(18) The Manifestation Of Stigmata.
(19) Homosexuality In Its Natural Form.
(20) The Planet Of Women.
(21) The Rise Of Hitler In Germany.
(22) Prophet Muhammad, His Mission, Koran, Islam.
(23) Masturbation.
(24) The Original Prayer Written By Henoch (Enoch).
(25) Jehovah, The Biblical God.
(26) Inner Earth, Hollow Earth, Admiral Richard Byrd, The Sons of the Sun.
(27) The Bermuda Triangle, The Devil’s Triangle.
(28) Mount Shasta, Aleutian Islands.
(29) Alien Invasion Plan For Earth.
(30) The Origin Of Earth’s Languages.
(31) Race-Mixing, Mass-Migration.
(32) European Union Hostility Modern Dictatorship; Not Democracy.
(33) President Barack Obama Is Not The Same Person.
(34) End Times, Hate, Aliens, Abductions, UFOs, Psychology.
(35) Vegetarian Diet, Meat.
(36) Origin Of Animal Sacrifice And Torture; Jewish Ritual; Pork
(37) Transgender (transsexual)
(38) Speed Of Light Travel, etc.
(39) Reincarnation, After Life, Rebirth, etc.
(40) The German Population Were To Be Effeminated By The USA.

And much, much more to read and be informed about!!! A truly extraordinary contact case involving “real extraterrestrials” from other Star Systems existing in dimensions and universes throughout the infinite Cosmos.

(Note: The official new reversion of the Talmud of Jmmanuel will be available commercially from the FIGU website and their affiliates. Until then, in the meantime, the free unauthorized version included will reveal some of the truths about Jmmanuel/Immanuel/Emmanuel, alias Jesus – the name given to him by Paul-Saul…, and introduce you to the Billy Meier extraordinary story.)


Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2

BATTLE FOR WORLD | April 21, 2019: The Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, a free PDF book saturated with information covering various topics such as:

(1) Humanity On Earth Lives In Degenerations Of Violence.
(2) So Many People Will Die In California Fires.
(3) Majority Of Politicians Talk About Idle Nonsense.
(4) Trump Is Pathologically Stupid.
(5) United States Hostile Towards Peace.
(6) Trump Cancels Existing Treaties And Accuses Other Countries
(7) Our Planet Earth Needs Great Positive Change.
(8) Medicines Cause Weight Gain; Earthly Medicine Still Backwards.
(9) Many People Are Beside Themselves, Torment.
(10) Electronic Device To Influence Thought-Behavior, etc.

The first book, Volume 1, compiled and released was a “101 Introduction” from where the reader can build, acquiring additional materials to further knowledge and other areas of interest, etc. Volume two is a continuation, building on more information.

Free Book, over xxxx pages, PDF Format Link: > Download Volume 2 FREE from MediaFire


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