Do You Remember The US and Yugoslavia (Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) War?

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 29, 2015: In President Clinton administration the financial elites pushed him to go to war with Yugoslavia under false narratives similar like what was done to Saddam, Gadhafi, and now ongoing with Assad, Putin, etc. President Slobodan Milosevic in the end was taken to the elite’s controlled Hague criminal court and was held in confinement until he died. Milosevic was treated badly because he had hidden large quantities of gold outside of Yugoslavia and the United States wanted to get their hands on that gold. The countries of Iraqi, Libya, Ukraine, etc. all had their gold stolen by the United States and colleagues.

And today these countries are being used to create a future wider war that will engulf Europe eventually. With the Ukraine, the United States is using Bosnia and Herzegovina to ship ammunition supplies to Kiev for use in the country’s eastern region conflict zone, and Russia is warning against this move.


Mascow Wars Bosnia and Herzegovina

ITAS-TASS – January 29, 2015: “Russia warns Bosnia and Herzegovina against ammunition supplies to Kiev. Moscow calls on Bosnia and Herzegovina to abandon plans of supplying ammunition to Kiev, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday. The diplomat expressed concerns over reports of the planned ammunition delivery to Ukraine from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in south-eastern Europe that suffered the horrors of a “fratricidal war” of 1992-1995. Major concerns are that these weapons will be used by Kiev troops to continue the shelling of towns and the killings of peaceful citizens in south-eastern Ukraine, he said. “We urge Bosnia and Herzegovina’s authorities to give up plans to supply Kiev with ammunition. Such plans contradict the international norms and commitments in the framework of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and in particular, as part of the Forum for Security Cooperation,” Lukashevich said.” Link: Read Complete Article


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