President Trump Unbalancing Globalism And The Ruling Elites Are In Uproar

BATTLE FOR WORLD – July 3, 2018: Donald Trump winning the office of the White House will set out against globalization and also against the USA interfering too much in foreign nations. And it has been going on for decades where the country of the United States has been allowed to decay in order to fulfill the ruling elites’ mission of globalization. And has this is done, the order of the country is neglected, and so nothing hardly gets rebuild or maintained and as a result, the country falls into breakdown, said Ptaah.

(In the “enhanced” Silent Revolution Of Truth Compilation Edition, the free PDF book: Download and read about how Donald Trump will set out against globalization and also against the USA interfering in foreign countries, page 828. And how ranks of fanatical Democrats have turned against Trump, page 827. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)

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The Ruling Elites To Genocide Populism To Stop The Destruction Of Globalization

BATTLE FOR WORLD – June 5, 2018: The aristocrat prophetess Baroness De Rothschild foretold a number of things from November 2016…that were waiting for Donald Trump if he was elected President of the United States. And now with the Bilderberg 2018 dictatorship conference for their loyal attendees, the focus is on the populists, their enemy.

Bss De Rothschild @BssDeRothschild: “We must come together to stop Populism from destroying safe and effective Globalist values.”

Bss De Rothschild @BssDeRothschild: “WW3 will bring the death of Populism. The world will be begging to revert back to the Globalist ideal after millions die.”  (BattleForWorld: They, the elites, have set it up that way for the people to bring about their own self-destruction.)

Bss De Rothschild @BssDeRothschild: “Uneducated populist deplorables must realise that capitalism made your economies & gave you freedom. Do not bite the hand that feeds you.” (BattleForWorld: She means monetary usury, like the stock market ponzi scheme and banking.)

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The Unbalancing Of The Global Order Has Shifted To A New Phase

BATTLEFORWORLD – March 22, 2018:

Oracle: He does not understand them, he can’t,  to him they are variables in an equation, one at a time each variable must be solved and countered. That’s his purpose to balance the equation. (BattleForWorld: In the economic sense, President Trump is trying to balance the economics in the math, but there are deeply finer things that he does not understand, because the Globalists are also pushing ahead to balance the management of things to bring about their One World Government. Trump is focusing on the economy, to balance it back to help America, but he will at some point realize that the task is a very difficult one. Trump is going to have to unbalance the workings of Globalism that is so far in place to disrupt the fulfillment of the Beast-666.)
Neo: And what’s your purpose?
Oracle: To unbalance it.
Neo: Why? What do you want?
Oracle: I want the same thing you want Neo. And I am willing to go as far as you are to get it.
Neo: The end of the war?
Oracle: (nods yes.)
Neo: It is going to end?
Oracle: One way or another…

Oracle: And if you can’t find the answer, then I am afraid there may not be no tomorrow for any of us.
Neo: What does that mean?
Oracle: Everything that has a beginning, has an end. I see the end coming. I see the darkness spreading. I see death. And you are all that stands in his way. (BattleForWorld: President Putin stands in the way of the globalist dictatorship ones – US, UK and EU.)
Neo: Smith. (BattleForWorld: The architect’s assimilator into one world globalization. The movement is trying to assimilate everyone – into world governance, surveillance, etc.)
Oracle: Very soon he’s going to have the power to destroy this world. But, I believe he (i.e. the movement of deception, fake news world domination) won’t stop there. He can’t. He won’t stop until there is nothing left at all.
Neo: What is he?
Oracle: He’s you. Your opposite. Your negative. The result of the equation trying to balance itself out. (BattlleForWorld: To form a one world dictatorship.)
Neo: And if I can’t stop him? (BattleForWorld: The movement of globalization dictatorship.)
Oracle: One way or another Neo, this war is going to end. Tonight, the future of both worlds will be in your hands or in his.” -The Matrix Revolutions. Transcript by BattleForWorld


Bill declaring US abandonment of WTO rules may be submitted to Congress soon

TASS – July 3, 2018: The article highlights that the bill titled United States Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act essentially provides Trump a license to raise US tariffs at will, without congressional consent and international rules be damned.

A draft bill that would declare the US abandonment of fundamental World Trade Organization’ rules may be submitted to the Congress in the near future by the request of President Donald Trump, the Axios portal reported on Sunday. The website referred to the text of the draft bill.

The bill titled United States Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act essentially provides Trump a license to raise US tariffs at will, without congressional consent and international rules be damned, according to Axios.

“It would be the equivalent of walking away from the WTO,” a source in the Congress told the portal.


Trump will tell NATO nations USA cannot be world piggy bank

REUTERS – July 4, 2018: President Donald Trump will tell fellow NATO countries at next week’s summit that the United States cannot be “the world’s piggy bank,” White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said on Tuesday (July 3).


Trump announces US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

TASS – May 8, 2018: The United States is pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and will re-impose economic sanctions on Iran, US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday.

“I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal,” Trump said, adding that he will sign a memorandum to reinstate sanctions on Iran. “In a few moments, I will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating US nuclear sanctions on the Iranian regime. We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanctions.”

(BattleForWorld: Well, the Zionists got their wish. And Israel is happy that the Iran nuclear deal was annulled by President Trump. I hope when things become aggressive they can be contained.)


Trump begins Obamacare dismantling with executive order

CNN POLITICS – July 3, 2018: President Donald Trump took his first steps Thursday toward fulfilling his vow to dismantle Obamacare, signing an executive order that he says will bring affordable health insurance to millions more people.

The order broadly tasks the administration with developing policies to increase health care competition and choice in order to improve the quality of health care and lower prices.

However, it could also destabilize Obamacare by siphoning out younger and healthier Americans from the exchanges.


United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

WIKIPEDIA – July 3, 2018: On June 1, 2017, United States President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would cease all participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation. Trump stated that “The Paris accord will undermine (the U.S.) economy,” and “puts (the U.S.) at a permanent disadvantage.” During the presidential campaign, Trump had pledged to withdraw from the pact, saying a withdrawal would help American businesses and workers. Trump stated that the withdrawal would be in accordance with his America First policy.


Donald Trump can unilaterally withdraw from treaties

NBC NEWS – (Posted May 7, 2018) July 3, 2018: The article highlights that Donald Trump can unilaterally withdraw from treaties because Congress abdicated responsibility.

And that the constitution provided for the separation of powers to save us from autocrats. But the legislative branch undermined that.

During this administration, everyone has to be alert and watching for potential misuses or abuses of power. Unfortunately, due to decades of executive aggrandizement and congressional acquiescence — coupled with judicial timidity — the ability to unilaterally withdraw the United States from every last treaty the Senate has ever ratified has been left solely in the hands of President Donald Trump.

So one of these mornings, Trump could well get up very early, issue a series of angry tweets and then proceed to issue an order withdrawing the United States from the United Nations. And, though it took a 1945 vote in the Senate to allow President Harry Truman to ratify the U.N. Charter, the current weight of legal opinion holds that President Donald Trump has the power to withdraw the U.S. from this or any treaty without similar consultation with the legislative branch of government.


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