America In Color: The 1920s (Full Episode)

SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL – July 4, 2018: The 1920s was an era of vibrant times and colorful characters. For the first time, we present the Roaring ’20s in color, from Ford’s assembly line to Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight and from speakeasies (i.e. Prohibition – illicit liquor store or nightclub activities) to New York’s Wall Street; and the early developments of Black American society, etc.

(BattleForWorld: In between the lines, as you watch the video, you can sense that various types of interference [i.e. materialism, Wall Street Ponzi scheme, etc.] began to be introduced and the landscape of America started to change. At this year date looking back, you can sense that something devilish began to chart-a-course for America.)


WIRE: Social issues weigh heavy on Independence Day

KSL – July 5, 2018: In these complex times, a simple question about the quintessential American holiday of fireworks, cookouts and parades isn’t always so simple.

As Americans prepare to celebrate the nation’s 242nd birthday, some feel a deeper sense of patriotism. For others, the social issues roiling the country weigh heavy this Independence Day.

Standing in front of Boston’s Faneuil Hall on Tuesday, tour guide Cara McIntyre said she takes special pride this time of the year in recounting the courage of American colonists like Samuel Adams, who called for rebellion against the English crown in fiery speeches at the historic hall.

But she laments that Americans’ ability to respectfully debate the toughest issues of the day — to disagree without being disagreeable — seems hopelessly lost.

“This bitter divisiveness of the last decade, I think the Founding Fathers would be really sad about that,” said the 57-year-old Massachusetts native as she greeted passers-by in her floral-print, colonial-era dress. “Social media has made bullies of all of us. People say things there that they’d never say to someone’s face.”


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