Secrets Of The CIA – Documentary

DOCUMENTARY TUBE – July 2, 2018: Secrets of the CIA released in 1998, about CIA’s top secrets revealed for former employees. – “The background of the Central Intelligence Agency is explained some of which was hidden from the public.”

(BattleForWorld: The CIA – implements covert plan to poison babies using milk; uses special drug to give heart attack; blows up bridges killing women and children; uses torture, etc. The documentary covers a lot of areas regarding covert operations by the CIA.)

Secrets of the CIA reveals the truth about the CIA and how this organization is behind numerous terrorist plots throughout history. Many ex-CIA agents speak out about their experiences as agents and what they were required to do.

Some of these missions even included killing of children. Most of them are now spreading the word about the crimes of the CIA and how the organization needs to be extinguished.

Ralph McGehee, a reknown ex-CIA agent, is featured in this documentary. He is most famous for publishing Deadly Deceits.” –TopDocumentaryFilms


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