IS Will Control Mediterranean Shore In 2 Months Unless West Helps Libya

ITAR-TASS – February 10, 2015: “The militants of IS terrorist group would control territory on the shores of Mediterranean “within two months” unless West helped Libya to counteract the extremists, the former PM of Libya Ali Zeidan claimed in his comments published on Tuesday in the Times newspaper. Zeidan expressed concern that the IS would seek to extend the declared “Caliphate” to the territory of Libya after the IS terrorists managed to put several territories of Iraq and Syria under control. The former head of Libyan government warned about the expansion of the IS and its presence everywhere. Ali Zeidan expressed his hope that the world community took the problem seriously. The situation in Libya was still under control, but left as it was it would not be controlled so successfully as it used to be, the former Libyan PM added. There would be a big war in the country, and in Europe too, he warned.” Link: Read Complete Article


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