Trump Leaves Leaders Fearing The Future As G-20 Summit Closes

WASHINGTONPOST – July 9, 2017: President Trump and other world leaders on Saturday emerged from two days of talks unable to resolve key differences on core issues such as climate change and globalization, slapping an exclamation point on a divisive summit that left other nations fearing for the future of global alliances in the Trump era.

The scale of disharmony was remarkable for the annual Group of 20 meeting of world economic powers, a venue better known for sleepy bromides about easy-to-agree-on issues. Even as negotiators made a good-faith effort to bargain toward consensus, European leaders said that a chasm has opened between the United States and the rest of the world.

“Our world has never been so divided,” French President Emmanuel Macron said as the talks broke up. “Centrifugal forces have never been so powerful. Our common goods have never been so threatened.”

The divisions were most bitter on climate change, where 19 leaders formed a unified front against Trump. But even in areas of nominal compromise, such as trade, top European leaders said they have little faith that an agreement forged today could hold tomorrow. Link: Read Complete Article


Donald Trump Warns Future Of The West In Doubt

INDEPENDENT – July 9, 2017: Donald Trump warned the future of the West is in peril in speech in Poland ahead of a G20 meeting.

The warning, revealed by US officials, comes amid increasing tensions over North Korea and in the Gulf.

Mr Trump warned that the “fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive”. Link: Read Complete Article


Donald Trump And The Election
FIGU | Ptaah: …This in contrast to [Hillary] Clinton, who harbours sneaky and evil warmongering thoughts against Russia and therefore wants to carry out military actions against the Russian military in Syria first, and then also wants to carry out war-attacks against Russia itself. A fact in regard to her thoughts of attack, which she, as an enemy of Putin and Russia, has been harbouring for a long time and which she also wants to carry out. And if she won the presidential election then a nuclear war would be unavoidable. …However, if he succeeds he will set out against globalisation and also against the USA interfering too much in foreign nations, as it has done up to now and thereby neglecting the order in its own country, rather building it up again [the order]. Link: Continue


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