US Must End Support For Terrorists To Cooperate With Russia In Syria

SPUTNIKNEWS – July 6, 3017: Russia should only accept US proposals to cooperate in Syria if Washington ends its support for terrorist groups in the region, Institute for Gulf Affairs Director Ali al-Ahmed told Sputnik.

On Wednesday (July 5), Secretary of State Rex Tillerson proposed that the United States and Russia reach agreement on establishing no fly zones in Syria and on sending aid to civilians in need there. He also proposed the two countries agree on sending observers to monitor the continuing conflict.

“The Russians should parse Tillerson’s request and agree to bits and pieces of it in return for concessions of their own,” al-Ahmed said on Thursday. “Russia should say, we are ready to do this, but only on condition that you also agree to these terms to effectively crack down on ISIS [Islamic State, banned in Russia].”

Russia must call on the United States to finally end support for terror groups like the Nusra Front and insist that its Arab and Turkish allies in the region do the same, al-Ahmed maintained.

“It is very clear that the US offer comes because the United States recognizes it is in a position of weakness in Syria. Russia is in a superior position: The Russians have the upper hand,” he said.

Russia should insist on a UN inspection team to be sent to Syria, al-Ahmed advised.

“The Russians should also request international inspection and insist on a United Nations Security Council resolution to set up an international inspection team to go after ISIS and the sources of its support,” he said.

Without such a monitoring mechanism, the United States could not be trusted to end its support for the Islamists, al-Ahmed warned.

“The Americans do not want ISIS dead as their allies are up to their knees in supporting it. The [move] is important because it will stop major states from freely supporting ISIS. The need is urgent to finish ISIS and to end at last the funding of ISIS from the Kuwaitis, the Saudis and the Turks,” al-Ahmed said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that he has asked the United States to provide details about Tillerson’s proposal. Link: Read Complete Article


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