Homosexuality – The Cause


BATTLEFORWORLD.COM – June 15, 2018: Responding to Jim Stone posting on RumorMillNews, who shared his reasons why he believes homosexuality is really just demonic possession:

This belief is wrong.

Homosexuality has always existed in nature.

What causes it? – Each planet, based on its size, has to restrict the population number to a certain count. The Earth’s population conservative number limit is 500 million and the liberal number limit is 1.5 billion.

When the limit is overridden, this creates a problem, because based on the population number limit, the Beyond fixes the number of years required for the full rest of the Creation-energy-part-piece (i.e., the Spirit) to digest its former life fully and in the process generates a new personality for its future physical life.

Every planet has a Beyond/Ether/Other-side. When someone dies, the Creation-energy-part-piece is dislodged from the human brain and enters into the Beyond, a realm affixed to every planet that supports life. (Note: The Creation-energy-part-piece on the other-side is shaped like an “orb”. Go to Youtube and search for Orbs in house, funeral home, etc.)

There’s a law that governs the Beyond, which says that the Creation-energy-part-piece must be allowed to “fully rest” [1.52 × age of death = x. Add the calculated figure to the year that the person died and you will have calculated approximately the year of their reincarnation/rebirth – physical return into the material world] in order for it to digest 100% its former-life memories and in so doing as this is being done in the Beyond, the Creation-energy-part-piece creates a new personality that is 100% free of former life memories.

The Beyond affixed to the Earth, “the law of rebirth” for the planet has been shortened due to overpopulation and is no longer valid. The new calculation formula for the digestion period in the Beyond is done with the “divide” math symbol. Where the new formula becomes age of death ÷ 2 or 2.5 = x, then add the year of death. From the math you can see that a reversal calculation is taking place – the number of years spent in the Beyond is reduced. Refer to the story of: Luke Ruehlman – Boy Age 5 Lived Past Life As

When a man and a woman get together to procreate, when the act is done, after 21 days, one of those Creation-energy-part-pieces from the Beyond are taken by the natural-nature process and deposits itself into the embryo in the human female.

Since that Creation-energy-part-piece, coming from the Earth’s Beyond, did not fully digest its former memories that was a result of living its former physical life, that fetus will have a ratio mixture of former memories added into its new personality.

The former ratio-mixture can be of any memories – education, talent, gender, etc. There are children who are born, and when they reach a certain age, will have natural abilities of doing things. People will say, the child is smart, a genius, etc., but it has nothing to do with intelligence via genetics, and all has to do with the former life memories influencing the current life with former memories.

With homosexuality: a male homosexual was a female in their former life, and a female homosexual was a male in their former life.

Sometimes the chromosome genetics can offset some homosexual traits, where the sex form becomes more of the current sex form – male or female. But this sometimes lead to bisexuals [with varying degree of swaying polarity], or just regular homosexual males or females who have no desire to transition into the former sex of woman or man.

If the chromosome genetics does not influence none at all or very little [by the Creation-energy-part-piece], the sex form [male or female], moves more to becoming the former sex – male or female – what is referred to as Transgender. Where the current personality undergoes a reversal back to the former sex.

A heterosexual male, was a male in its former life, and the current life is also male – even with the former ratio-mixture added in. And a heterosexual female, was a female in its former life – even with the former ratio-mixture added in. When former memories are mixed into the personalities of these present sex forms, they will inherit other traits/abilities from the former life. … (Note: This summary part is very limited as it does not account for homosexual male incarnating as a male again with reversal influences into the present.)

All Creation-energy-part-pieces rebirth again and again into different sexes, because the Creation-energy-part-piece does not have a gender whatsoever. And the main purpose of gender is to eventually bring about sexual union for procreation to rebirth the Creation-energy-part-pieces existing in the Beyond dimension world affixed to the Earth into physical living to accumulate knowledge and after which it will return again to the Beyond through death.

Even when observing the limitation of the planetary population numbers, homosexuality will only appear in very, very small amounts. The percentage only increases to very high levels when the population increases, because the more the population, the more arise frequent procreation often unregulated, the Beyond becomes out of balance because of the quick rebirth rate. Sexual pleasure should not result in accidental pregnancy because of carelessness.

Our society still needs a lot of work – social guidelines, behavior, etiquette, etc. We are still at a lost regarding the Beyond and the role it plays in the physical world. But this will change once reincarnation is accepted by the masses where they become more respectful of nature, putting aside their carelessness, abuse and selfishness and realize that nature has limits.

If the Beyond did not release the Creation-energy-part-piece (i.e., the Spirit) into the embryo, the result would be rampant still born babies. The Beyond chose not to do this and instead releases the Creation-energy-part-piece prematurely, knowing that the former life was not fully digested 100% and so the Creation-energy-part-piece’s former life memories will influence the new physical life. And so overpopulation causes a REVERSAL [under the guidance of nature] to happen.

(Note: The article is periodically updated.)


Heterosexuality, Bisexuality and Homosexuality are Normal Sexualities

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM – January 9, 2023: The topics of homosexuality and bisexuality have been touchy subjects throughout the ages as professionals and laypersons try to analyze and theorize about the mystery and complexity regarding these sexual preferences.

The trend among the West today is to propagandize sexuality, and generally when this is done, along with it comes weaponization: agendas being pushed forward not with good intentions. In the United States, some Hollywood shows and movies have morphed into NC-17, which can be porn, violence, etc. And the indoctrination about gender types exhausted by the nonsense of new pronouns is moving ahead into school curriculums.

The new culture stage steering humanity into the future being secretly laid by an elite-class of pimps and abusers preparing the younger generation, acclimating them into a new social landscape that can only further the folly and breakdown. Pushing the social boundaries further and further to multiply a controllable population to be intrinsically lost. And the ruling elites steering the West are embracing agendas of continued wickedness, selfishness, exploitation and the abuse of human beings that are being huddled into a world of darkness and despair spellbound by technologies being deceptively promoted for the greater good. Sexuality is being distorted and redefined, to be tinkered with by mad scientists in their garden – popularizing lab procreation, etc.

The sexual preferences of homosexuality and bisexuality are indeed normal sexualities of nature that have been polluted over the many centuries by religions into taboo and discord.

In the latest release of the free PDF book “Silent Revolution Of Truth Edition – Volume 3”, new information is given about the subject, and can be read on pages 696 to 698. Excerpt quoted:

“Billy: Thank you. – The question was raised as to how it is with you, whether you also have homosexual men and lesbian women, bisexual, sadistically or masochistically oriented people etc. in your peoples? If so – this is the second question – what do you call them in terms of gender? E.g., we just call these human beings here on Earth man and just woman.”

“Ptaah: Meaningfully we call them gender-wise no different than Earth-humans do, male and female, in our language we call the man as ‘Süre’, and the woman as ‘Kagir’. Moreover, it is to be explained that it corresponds absolutely to the conditions of nature that with regard to the sexes of the human beings different forms appear. This results both in the actual human being, as we are, as well as in other human beings, such as giant or small human beings, as well as in human beings who have a completely different appearance than purely human beings, i.e., who are also physically different from us. …”

The entire article can be read in the free PDF book, and to download a copy use link below:

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: Terms of gender, page 696.  Heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality, page 697.  Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)



Update 1, Questions from reader: Homosexuality – The Cause

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM – June 16, 2018, [email protected]

>ask how is it that we have such a high percentage today?

Too many people on the planet. We need a moratorium birthrate planet wide.

Each person, when they die, their Creation-energy-part-piece has to rest 1.52 × age of death = x

That is the original formula for the Earth if the population was 500 million to 1.5 billion.

Over that population count, the rebirth cycle, assigned years, goes into reversal, and the formula becomes – age of death ÷ 2 or 2.5 = x

As you can see, the rebirth years are shortened. And the person that is dead will not get to fully digest their past life and so a ratio of the former memories will be carried over into the new life/rebirth.When the planet has too many people, the result is quick rebirths.

When we perfect genetic science, we will be able to neutralize the chromosome genetics that is nature-ed with from former life memories, enhancing it. Now, if procreation remains rampant, the problem is not solved by transforming homosexuals into heterosexuals. And so we move to the next level, life-form sustainability on the planet. If procreation recklessness continues, the planet’s ecosystem, from abuse, will eventually start to breakdown and this will lead to the collapsing of the Earth’s atmosphere. When that happens, the Earth will be able to remove 90% – 99% of human life and other creatures. The planet rebelling, turning against its inhabitants with no mercy.

>I mean we are all born from heterosexual unions…

On the natural side nothing has changed, other than we are just having babies too quickly. Nothing is regulated. The planet has a rebirth-cycle assigned years and is no longer abiding by it because the population is over the required count.

>so what has changed genetically?

There are theories about human sexual arousal being tinkered with using hormones – certain chemicals, and hormones in animal sourced products. To get humans sexually aroused to have sex and here comes babies. (The United States had a bold plan that called for the feminizing of German men after the war.)

>could the reason be vaccines and genetically modified foods?

There are theories about vaccines being used to hype-up female and male hormones – starting puberty at an early age, etc.

[ Guna Yala off Panama’s eastern coast, a flourishing ‘third gender’ community ]


Couple, BOTH raised by gay men

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM / KATE FLOWERS | June 17, 2019: The video highlights a young woman and a young man who both grew up with gay parents.  The couple share their fun and interesting experiences. Youtube land refers to this type of video narrative as “storytime”.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, “enhanced” the free PDF book: Download and read about homosexuality in its natural form, page 1569. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book, Volume 1)

PinkNews – “We’re in a relationship, and we were both raised by gay dads”; video footage on Twitter, here.  (The original YouTube video is private, here.)


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