Benjamin Fulford: Helsinki, India and Africa – July 19, 2018 Interview

PREPARE FOR CHANGE – August 4, 2018: In this interview recaps the Helsinki meeting with Trump and Putin, the new Cold War by the United States; the Middle East fighting over oil senseless wars, Syria; North Korea; Ukraine, and goes into the change coming with India and Africa. The ruling-elites have lost their secret control of the United States. Interesting viewpoints.

(BattleForWorld: Fulford mentions the Romanov (at 11:48 into the interview). The Romanov family never left the power-seat inside Russia. The family remained behind the scenes even in the leadership days of Mikhail Gorbachev, where Prince Romanov, with the first name Gregory, was the man who ruled over the USSR from behind the scenes, with Gorbachev in public view as cover. Not too many people in the West knows about this. When the United States and England tried to unseat Gorbachev, the Romanov leadership repelled the attempt and Gorbachev was able to return back to power. With Perestroika and Glasnost the Soviet Union disintegrated and the US continued trying to exert political will – meddling in Russia’s internal affairs, which brought into view the western puppet Yeltsin and during his early leadership the Romanov power-block decided it had had enough of US meddling and started to clear the way for Vladimir Putin. The Romanov power-block hides a very powerful fortified secret and is technologically superior. The Romanov family has no interest to return back to public Czar rule, because royal leadership is becoming extinct. In England at a future time even the Windsor family members will begin to fight with each other – and sadly that includes Harry and William in their mature years. This will begin to show when the power of England begin to fall apart.)


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