US And Israel Clinch ‘Covert’ Deal To Destabilize Tehran, Iran

BATTLEFORWORLD – December 29, 2017: For now it appears that the Zionists have won the support of President Trump. And, Ms. Rothschild was indeed correct about her family having ways to win over Trump. Their corporate media campaign did the job. And this was the only way for him to remain as president of the United States since the corporate media and Hollywood have turned against him from the very beginning of his presidential campaign in 2016, using the ringleader Hillary Clinton, to which Barack Obama cheered on. So Trump will continue doing a lot of sensational, crazy and dumb things – in national policy as well as in Foreign Policy, as he’s manipulated by the various power factions.

And since we are in the Age of News Fakery, watch as President Trump turns the United States economy into success. Many will believe it.

(For more information, download the free-Book UPDATED, PDF Format Link: > Download from MediaFire and read about the United States might ways going on worldwide today, refer to pages 1130, 1132, 1133, 1137, 1138, 1139, 1140, 1144, 1145, 1339, and pages 1254, 1163, 1168, and 1072, 1080, 1084 – 1087, 1094, 1097, 1099, etc.)


US Exploiting Iran Protests to Dump 2015 Nuclear Deal: Russian Ambassador to UN

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 6, 2018: The US is using protests in Iran as a means to stop the 2015 landmark nuclear deal with Tehran, according to the Russian ambassador to the UN.

The Friday comments by Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia followed a hastily-called emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) — at the demand of the US ambassador — in which Washington sought to paint the current Tehran administration as corrupt, incompetent and totalitarian, a spin noted by UN members to be a pretext to dismantling the historic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the P5+1 and Iran.

UNSC member France declared that the ongoing Iran demonstrations were not an issue for which the international body required emergency meetings. Link: Read Complete Article


Iran Envoy to UN: Tehran Has ‘Hard Evidence’ Protests Incited From Abroad

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 5, 2018: The Iranian government has hard evidence that the violence in the ongoing protests in the country is incited from abroad, Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam Ali Khoshroo said during an emergency UN Security Council meeting.

“We have hard evidence of the violence in Iran by a handful of the protesters, in some cases resulting in the deaths of policeman and security officers, being very clearly directed from abroad,” Khoshroo said on Friday.

Iranian Envoy to the UN Gholam Ali Khoshroo also stressed that the United States is abusing its power as a member of the United Nations Security Council and as a permanent member of the council by calling a meeting to discuss the protests in Iran.

“The move by the United States to bring to this council protests in Iran by some of our citizens for legitimate grievances some exacerbated by none other than US itself in its dereliction of its obligation under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA] is an abuse of its power as a permanent member and an abuse of the council itself,” Khoshroo said on Friday.

“Today we are witnessing how the United States is abusing the platform of the Security Council,” Nebenzia stated on Friday. “Why the United States, a permanent member of the Security Council, is undermining the authority of the Security Council as the main body which is responsible for maintaining international peace and security?” Link: Read Complete Article


Russia warns US against meddling in Iran’s internal affairs – senior diplomat

TASS – January 4, 2018: Moscow warns Washington against attempts to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told TASS on Thursday.

“We warn the US against attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he stressed. “What is happening there is an internal affair, which attracts the attention of the international community. However, despite numerous attempts to distort the essence of what is going on, I am certain that our neighbor, the country that is friendly to us, will be able to overcome the current difficulties and emerge from the current period as a stronger nation and a reliable partner in solving various problems, including those related to further implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.

Ryabkov urged the US “not to take steps that hinder further positive and effective cooperation with Iran to implement the JCPOA.” “The current situation when Washington yields to temptation to take advantage of the moment to bring up new questions with regard to the JCPOA testifies to a deliberate attempt to undermine the global community’s commitment to the JCPOA,” the senior diplomat stressed. “That does no credit to our American counterparts.” Show More

To that end, he again stressed that Russia is in favor of preserving the nuclear deal and “full and strict compliance with it by all parties, primarily, the US.” I say this because there are no complaints regarding the implementation of the deal by the Iranian side and there cannot be. This has been repeatedly confirmed in reports by the IAEA director general,” he said, adding that the agreements that have been reached are an important factor of strengthening regional and global stability.

Situation in Iran
Protests in Iran began on December 28, with participants in demonstrations in different cities expressing dissatisfaction with the growing prices. At least 20 people, including law enforcement officers, have been killed in clashes with the police. According to the Iranian authorities, over 450 people have been arrested for taking part in public unrest.

On January 3, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said the rebels had been defeated. Link: Read Complete Article


US Abusing UN Security Council To interfere In Iran’s Internal affairs – Russia

RT – January 5, 2018: By calling a UN Security Council meeting with the demand to support anti-government protesters in Iran, the US is trying to bend the UNSC mandate, which does not deal with countries’ internal affairs, the Russian envoy said.

“We obviously regret the loss of lives as a result of the demonstrations that were not so peaceful. However, let Iran deal with its own problems, especially since this is precisely what’s taking place,” Russian envoy to the UN Vasiliy Nebenzia said.

Vassily Nebenzia slammed the US for diverting attention from important international issues the UN Security Council should be addressing.

“You are dispersing the energy of the Security Council, instead of focusing it on dealing with key crisis situations in Afghanistan, Syria Libya, Iraq, Yemen, DPRK, the African continent. Instead of that, you are proposing that we interfere in the internal affairs of a state.” Link: Read Complete Article


UNSC meeting on Iran: Why was it even taking place?

RT – January 5, 2017: An emergency UN Security Council meeting, to discuss the mass anti-government protests that engulfed Iran, has finished up in New York. The session was called by Washington, which has voiced its strong support for the demonstrators.


‘US is watching!’: Rising political crisis in Iran stirred by US, Israel support

RT – January 3, 2018: Donald Trump has issued a strongly worded tweet warning Iran that “the US is watching” following the deaths of 20 people in anti-government protests that are sweeping the country.


US, Israel Clinch ‘Covert’ Deal To Rein In Tehran

SPUTNIKNEWS – December 29. 2017: Earlier, the Israeli Channel 10 reported that Washington and Tel Aviv are joining efforts to create four teams in a bid to grapple with Tehran’s activities in the Middle East and disrupt the Iranian nuclear deal.

A US National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson confirmed to Sputnik on Friday that Washington and Tel Aviv had agreed upon the “general framework for future cooperation regarding Iranian malign activities.”

The news follows the Channel 10’s report of a memorandum of understanding to tackle the so-called “Iran threat” that has allegedly been signed by Israel and the US.

The sides reportedly inked the document on December 12 during a meeting at the White House between US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and his Israeli counterpart Meir Ben-Shabbat.

They reportedly agreed on forming four joint teams to grapple with Iran’s activities in the Middle East region, including Tehran’s clout in Syria and its support for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Show More

READ MORE: Arms Race in the Gulf: US Pits Region Against Iran – Scholar

Disrupting Iran’s nuclear program and ballistic missile work will also be bright on the teams’ radar, the Channel 10 report said.

It cited US and Israeli officials as saying that the memorandum’s goal is to shift US President Donald Trump’s moves regarding Iran, outlined during his October 13 speech, towards “steps on the ground.”

“Framework” Agreement

At the same time, the Iranian news agency Press TV cited an unknown US National Security Council source as saying that the  deal between the countries was an informal “framework,” not a full-blown plan.

“Obviously, there was a major strategy that was announced a few months ago, and there have been meetings subsequent to that, shaped by that new strategy. And obviously Israel is one of our closest allies,” the source said.

READ MORE: Netanyahu Says Israel Won’t Allow Iran to ‘Entrench Itself Militarily’ in Syria

In his speech on October 13, Trump threatened to terminate the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), something that he said should instead be replaced with a tougher position on the Islamic Republic.

In July, the US imposed new economic sanctions against Iran over what Washington slammed as Tehran’s “malign” ballistic missile activities in the Middle East. Link: Read Article


US & Israel target Iran, Pakistan and other Muslim countries for their resources – Erdogan

RT – January 5, 2018: Turkey’s leader has accused the US and Israel of meddling in the affairs of Iran and Pakistan, as well as those of other Muslim countries, and are driven by the desire to grab their natural resources.

“We cannot accept that some countries — foremost the US, Israel — to interfere [sic!] in the internal affairs of Iran and Pakistan,” Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul on Friday, AFP reports. On Tuesday President Donald Trump tweeted support for the protests “against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime” which erupted last week.

The alleged US and Israeli interference is primarily driven by the desire to make “the plentiful underground riches in all these countries their own resources,” Erdogan claimed. The two countries, as well as other western states, target primarily Muslim nations, “turning the people [there] against each other,” he added. The disastrous results of such meddling can be seen in Syria, Iraq Palestine, Egypt and other countries, the president said.

“It’s the same thing in Libya, Tunisia, Sudan and Chad. Countries where unrest is sown are Muslim countries. These countries have their wealth that belongs to them,” Erdogan said. “The whole humanity must know this and change its attitude.”

Erdogan’s statements echoed the official position of Tehran, which accused the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia of fueling protests in the country. Iran’s Public Prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri said on Thursday that the “plot” to trigger unrest had been masterminded some four years ago by an American national and former CIA operative identified as Michael Andrea, along with an unnamed Mossad-affiliated agent. Saudi Arabia, according to the prosecutor, paid the expenses of the alleged plotters.

Also this week, Iran’s Ambassador to the UN, Gholamali Khoshroo, condemned the American administration’s “acts of intervention in a grotesque way in Iran’s internal affairs.” Earlier this week, the US envoy to the UN called for an “urgent” UN Security Council (UNSC) to discuss the situation in Iran. The meeting is scheduled for Friday. Link: Read Complete Article


UN Security Council to Hold Emergency Meeting on Iran

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 4, 2018: The UN Security Council will meet Friday afternoon to discuss the crisis in Iran after the United States asked the body to address deadly protests there, a source told Sputnik.

“The UNSC meeting is scheduled for 3 p.m. [20:00GMT] on Friday and will be held in an open format,” the source said.

The Council’s daily program for Friday, published on its website, shows the 15-nation body would meet in the afternoon to discuss the “situation in the Middle East.”

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told reporters Tuesday she would seek an emergency UN meeting in New York City and at the UN human rights agency in Geneva.

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert warned earlier on Thursday that Washington had ample means to hold those responsible for the violent crackdown on protesters in Iran accountable. Link: Read Complete Article


Former CIA Chief Slams Trump for Derailing ‘Peaceful Political Reform’ in Iran

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 3, 2018: Brennan’s comment came in the wake of mass protests that have been underway in Iran for nearly a week. Trump earlier backed the protesters and said “the US is watching” the situation.

Former CIA Director John Brennan has slammed President Donald Trump and his administration’s hardline stance towards Iran, including Trump’s persistent criticism of the Iranian nuclear deal.

According to Brennan, the president’s policy is undermining the chance of “peaceful political reform” in Iran.

“With the wholesale condemnation of Iran and nuclear deal over past year, the Trump Admin squandered an opportunity to bolster reformists in Tehran and the prospects for peaceful political reform in Iran. Bluster is neither a strategy nor a mechanism for the exercise of US power and influence,” Brennan said in Twitter on Tuesday.

Link: Read Complete Article


Netanyahu: Israelis, Iranians to Be Friends After Fall of Gov’t in Tehran

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 1, 2017: The people of Israel and Iran will once again be “great friends” after the change of the current authorities in Tehran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday amid ongoing anti-government protests in major Iranian cities.

Earlier in the day, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that the country’s “enemies” were “angry with the glory, success, and the progress of the Iranian nation and they have vowed to get the regional troubles into Iran.”

“This regime tries desperately to sow hate between us. But they will not succeed. And when this regime finally falls, and one day it will, Iranians and Israelis will be great friends once again. I wish the Iranian people success in their noble quest for freedom,” Netanyahu said in a video message, posted on the Israeli prime minister office’s official Twitter account.

“I heard today Iran President Rouhani’s claim that Israel is behind the protests in Iran. It is not only false. It is laughable… Brave Iranians are pouring into the streets. They seek freedom. They seek justice. They seek the basic liberties that have been denied to them for decades,” the Israeli prime minister stressed. Link: Read Complete Article


Anti-Govt Protests Spread In Iran

REUTERS – December 29, 2017: Demonstrators chanted anti-government slogans in several cities across Iran on Friday, Iranian news agencies and social media reports said, as price protests turned into the largest wave of demonstrations since nationwide pro-reform unrest in 2009.

Police dispersed anti-government demonstrators in the western city of Kermanshah as protests spread to Tehran and several other cities a day after rallies in the northeast, the semi-official news agency Fars said.

The outbreak of unrest reflects growing discontent over rising prices and alleged corruption, as well as concern about the Islamic Republic’s costly involvement in regional conflicts such as those in Syria and Iraq.

An official said a few protesters had been arrested in Tehran, and footage posted on social media showed a heavy police presence in the capital and some other cities. Link: Read Complete Article


Iran blocks internet on third night of protests

YAHOO – December 30, 2017: Demonstrators attacked a town hall in the Iranian capital Saturday as protests spilled into a third night despite government warnings against any further “illegal gatherings” and moves to cut off the internet on mobiles.

Unverified videos on social media appeared to show thousands marching through the western cities of Khorramabad, Zanjan and Ahvaz, while reports spread rapidly that several people had been shot dead by police in the town of Dorud.

Several Iranian news agencies warned Telegram, the most popular social media service in the country, might soon be shut down after communications minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi accused one popular channel, Amadnews, of encouraging an “armed uprising”. Link: Read Complete Article


After The US-West Destroys SYRIA And LEBANON The Next Target Is IRAN

After the US-West destroys…SYRIA, LEBANON…the next target is IRAN…and after that the next target will be RUSSIA for destabilization.

BATTLEFORWORLD – Original posting November 30, 2015 (Reposted on August 12, 2017)  – News Intel: The terrorist movement being spearheaded by the United States…using the US Senator Lindsey Graham on CNN said that America has two goals, to destroys ISIL (but the US will just re-brand ISIL with another name – it is a proxy army), and to weaken Iran. And Graham, like how they demonized Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, etc. referred to Iran as a Nazi leadership (which CNN aired on the morning of Nov. 30, 2015, but removed the “Nazi” comment from the video posted online).

And the US corporate media is already demonizing Putin as another Hitler for the pending destabilization of Russia. So the goals of the US and their allies are already planning for world domination after Russia is destabilized.

Washington is using Turkey (ITS FUTURE GOAL, AFTER SYRIA, LEBANON, EGYPT AND IRAN IS TAKEN OVER BY THE RADICALIZATION OF ISLAM) as a tool to destabilize Russia.Turkish Military Instructors Gather Near Crimea to ‘Train Mercenaries’.


USA Working to Incubate Revolution in Iran

FREEBEACON – January 3, 2018: The Trump administration is keeping a close eye on the growing protests in Iran, with senior administration officials working to ensure President Donald Trump does not miss an opportunity to incubate a possible revolution that could topple Iran’s hardline ruling regime, according to White House officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

With the world watching growing demonstrations across Iran, the Trump administration sees an opportunity to feed the growing protests. The policy is starkly different than the Obama administration’s approach in 2009, when similar protests gripped Iran and were met with silence.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are said to be closely monitoring the situation and working to warn Iran’s ruling regime that “this will not be a repeat of the 2009 demonstrations,” according to a senior administration official briefed on the situation…. Link: Read Complete Article


US House of Representatives to Hold Vote Next Week on Protests in Iran

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 5, 2018: The US House of Representatives will hold a vote next Tuesday to express its support for the protesters against the government in Iran, US Congressman and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a press release.

“On Tuesday, the House will vote on a bipartisan resolution to join the administration in supporting the people of Iran,” the release said on Friday. “The radical regime in Tehran denies basic freedoms and crushes opposition with deadly force while pushing billions of dollars to terrorist activities abroad.”

The resolution will express US support for the protesters and it called on the Trump administration not to “repeat the mistakes of the past,” the release added.

“This resolution condemns the regime’s crackdowns on legitimate protest, and makes clear that America stands with Iranians who want peace, freedom and a better life,” the release said. Link: Read Complete Article


Israeli army responds to fresh protests with live fire

(BATTLEFORWORLD: The US, EU, etc. did not voice opinions regarding freedom or human rights when protests were going on in Israel, where the Israeli military fired rubber bullets into the crowd.)

ALJAZEERA – December 20, 2017 (January 2, 2018): More than 80 Palestinians have been injured in fresh protests across the West Bank, two weeks after US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to the Red Crescent.

At least three people were injured with live bullets, more than 20 with rubber-coated steel bullets and 40 by tear-gas inhalation in Wednesday’s protests called for by the Palestinian Authority, several political parties and trade unions.

The confrontations with the Israeli army unfolded after Day of Rage rallies were staged in various areas of the occupied West Bank including Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem and Jericho.

The largest demonstration commenced at the Qalandia military checkpoint, the main point splitting the occupied West Bank from Jerusalem and a constant flashpoint in the conflict. …

” … the crowd grew smaller leaving only young Palestinians who began to confront the army with stones,” continued Barghouti, explaining that the army then responded with rubber bullets and live ammunition. Link: Read Complete Article


Protests in Israel

(BATTLEFORWORLD: The US, EU, etc. did not voice opinions regarding freedom or human rights when protests were going on in Israel, where the Israeli military fired rubber bullets into the crowd.)

INTLTRAVELNEWS – December 2017 (January 2, 2017): Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Israel staged multiple days of protests in mid-October, culminating in a protest of more than 2,000 men who blocked streets and light rail in Jerusalem on Oct. 19. More than 120 people were arrested in that protest. The men were protesting the arrest of two members of their community who had been taken into custody for not appearing at the Israeli Defense Forces draft office when requested.

Service in the Israeli Defense Forces is mandatory for all citizens, starting at age 18. Members of the ultra-Orthodox communities each can get service waivers if they present a note from their yeshiva (religious school). However, they still must show up to the office when drafted. Many ultra-Orthodox groups believe they should not even be required to do that.

Military-service waivers for ultra-Orthodox citizens is a controversial subject in Israel, with many Israelis outside of Orthodox communities wanting the practice to end. Link: Read Complete Article


Dozens Injured in 5.1 Quake in Western Iran – Reports

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 6, 2018: At least 21 people have been injured in an earthquake in the Iranian western province of Kermanshah, local media reported on Sunday.

According to the IRNA news agency, 17 individuals have suffered wounds in urban areas, while four others have sustained injuries in rural areas.

A major 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit Iran on Saturday. Five aftershocks of magnitude ranging from 2.7 to 5.1 on the Richter scale have struck the province, the broadcaster added. Link: Read Complete Article


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