The Partitioning Of Lebanon and Syria – An Old Plan With A New Face Of Deception

Published By The Battle For World Supremacy – Version 1.2 (Updated April 16, 2016)

The Partitioning Of Lebanon and Syria – An Old Plan With A New Face Of Deception

BATTLEFORWORLD – April 16, 2016 – News Intel: Back in the early months of 1984, the U.S. and Israel was instigating the collapse of Lebanon for partition, but the Soviet Union intervened and thawed the plan. At the time, Syria was playing a role on behalf of the Soviets to help Lebanon. After the plan was disrupted, the then Old-Conservatives (i.e. a clique of Zionists and exiled Bolsheviks in the then Reagan Administration in America) and Israel realized that Syria was the problem. Using terrorism, the Pentagon, the Reagan White House and the Israeli Mossad started to implement terrorist events, blowing up things and blaming Syria. This was to maneuver Syria into a direct confrontation with the United States. Donald Rumsfeld played an instrumental role as Secretary of State with the Assad (the father) government at the time. The long term plan of the U.S. was to move conflicts closer to the borders of Russia. Thus, the joint U.S.-Israeli strategy to build from Lebanon toward eventual confrontation with the then Soviet Union was making relentless progress. So what we are seeing today, 2016, is an updated version of the old war-plans coming out of Washington, where the U.S. is using false pretenses to push for radical control of regimes close to the borders of Russia, and then work finally to destabilize Russia. Saudi Arabia had fell into the hands of the British; and U.S. into the 1980s using the young princes who came to America for their education and programming by the C.I.A. gave the U.S. traction there, which solidified the Israeli alliance – with the wolves (U.S., U.K. and Israel) manipulating Saudi Arabia toward the greater plan of world domination using Islam as the fire.

The US Will Sabotage The Syrian Ceasefire To Start Implementing “Plan B”, The Partitioning Of Syria

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 23, 2016 – News Intel: Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate committee that the US has a “Plan B” if the Syrian ceasefire fails. That the US will begin arming the Syrian Rebels to fully destabilize Syria, so that the Rebels come in direct combat with Assad’s forces and the Russian military. The US Neo-conservative hawks believe that “Plan B” will force the implementation of the long realized strategy for the partitioning of Syria, the opinion of the US Brookings Institute. (To secure transit corridors is the secret plan. When you steal the land and seat your puppets that are educated in the West, the multinational corporations get the best deals.) Some might consider this plan to be a wonderful foreign policy gift for the next president of the United States. Its implementation will force a trembling response.

References – Links:
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