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British PM tells Putin Russia-UK relationship “is not the one” London wants, but will anything change after Queen Elizabeth is dead?

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | October 25, 2021: The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (Oct 25), noted that the United Kingdom’s current relations with Russia are not the way London would like things to be. And told Putin that significant bilateral difficulties remain, which include the poisonings in Salisbury in 2018 and the importance of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

( Regarding the poisonings in Salisbury in 2018: that was done by elements of special operations to further malign Russia in a propaganda war. Regarding Ukraine’s sovereignty, the same elements of special operations are involved. These are the same elements working for the ruling elites who brought about World War 2. So, the Ruling Elites put stumbling blocks in the way of leaders of western countries who they do not want to see work with Russia or China.)

After their conversation the Kremlin said the two leaders “expressed a common opinion that despite the existing problems Moscow and London should establish cooperation in a number of areas,” and that they agreed to “maintain necessary contacts on the issues touched upon during the conversation.”

The last time Putin and Johnson spoke was on May 8, 2020, and back then both sides expressed readiness to establish dialogue and cooperate on issues on the agenda of Russian-British relations and on current international problems. But things never got off to anything worth producing positive results, because provocations were always on the mind of the British and the United States against Russia. – It’s going to be interesting to see, after Queen Elizabeth dies, if any positive overtures will be made to bring about peace or things will quickly degenerate into further provocations leading to war? The only thing the British and the United States want from both Russia and China is submission. And that means the offspring of the Ruling Elites sitting on the Council of Seven Men (here) are following their parents master plan to the letter outlined.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Source: TASS.


Finnish president to meet with Putin in Moscow

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | October 25, 2021: The President of Finland Sauli Niinisto will meet with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Moscow on October 29, where both men will discuss international and bilateral issues, as agreed in a telephone conversation on September 17, about cooperation, the situation in Afghanistan and further personal contacts and dialogue at various levels in their countries relations.

The Finnish presidential office announced that “Niinisto will pay a working visit to Russia on October 29 and will meet with President Putin in Moscow. The presidents will hold official talks in the Kremlin. Along with Finnish-Russian relations, the agenda will include regional and international issues.”

President Sauli Niinisto of Finland.

Source: TASS.


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2 years ago

these people talk so much shit..the only reason ukraine sovereignty is because it is close to the Russian border.. the people of Ukraine as far as the british shitpile is conerned are just pawns in the game