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Will BLM and Antifa go away because Biden won?

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | November 8, 2020: One of my longtime sources said: Those (i.e. media, companies and people, etc.) who support BLM, ANTIFA, etc. are under the impression that they will pack up and go home because Joe Biden won the presidency. But the source said, no they won’t. That these groups (their controllers) will re-align themselves (re-brand, name change?), based on how things are going internally inside the United States – the lockdown, economy, etc. And take aim at Biden’s supporters and the Biden Administration itself. So the source is saying that the chaos will continue under a Biden presidency as it did Trump’s.

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are going to be happy with Joe Biden, who will force the globalist agenda, the Reset, on the American people. This was Trump’s problem, obeying the globalists.

National guards, military, etc. on the streets of America could be a regular fixture as well.

Jan 21, 2021: Antifa ‘Congratulates’ Biden on Inauguration by Smashing Windows of Dems Headquarters in Portland, – article, here.


President-elect Joe Biden

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | November 24, 2020: It appears that President Donald Trump has given up on the recount. The voter fraud will be talked about as some conspiracy theory.

What Trump tried to undo against globalism, the pending Biden administration will rebrand globalism using the word “Reset”. This is the ship that is currently sailing to bring about a New World Order. They will dress it up with feel good words to sell it to the public.

The coronavirus is part of the Reset – to address the exploding worldwide population. There will be talk about the climate, food resources, wealth, economy, etc.


Lockdown, Times of Trouble, Conflicts, etc.

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | November 24, 2020: The Lockdown that is wrapping about the planet is not something that was quickly thought up, because this plan, according to my source, is approximately a few decades old. A few connected to the ruling elites knew about the plan and wrote it as a foretelling in early 2000, about “lockdown rule by 2020”.

The Times of Trouble has incrementally materialized into hot-heads that could trigger some sort of break out of another world war and as well global social unrest. For the United States it is going to be much worse than the social unrest that happened during the Viet Nam era. The political party that is going to experience this full on is the Democratic Party if noting stops Joe Biden from becoming president.

The country of the United States has now entered into the final act of the endgame, and at a time with appointments of the old gang of neocons trained by globalist mentors surrounding Biden. Foreign Policy first, and the United States second or third on the list, – the old-mindset about rebuilding America, jobs, middle-class, etc. talking points are now dead.

We must expect new conflicts going forward with Russia, China, Iran and other areas where the Globalists want to start wars. And as well, long ago drawn up plans to accomplish during the Lockdown. The Globalists are now going to try and implement their Reset agenda.


Trump will leave office like the rest of the presidents

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | November 24, 2020: Both sides of the political parties, Democrat and Republican, fear CIVIL UNREST across the United States if the election is undone in the way the public would like to see it happen. There won’t be any big court decision to overturn the US presidential election. The fraud is too big to expose!

The US and parts of the world are moving into a new era, the Lockdown phase, because of the corona-virus, put in place to control the people… – to bring about some type of RESET – which include a lot of things that the public will not be told about at first and will only begin to understand bits, as parts of the RESET unfolds. There’s going to be a lot of disappointments and sadness for the majority. We are in the era of jumping-jack leadership, i.e. flip-flopping decision making. – Democracy? What’s that? For the time being it was a nice make-believe ism fed to the people dressed up in all forms of niceness.

Trump’s problem was, he’s not a politician, Joe Biden is. Trump is a businessman. In pandemic times there’s not much you can do to grow the economy.

With Joe Biden coming in, expect lots and lots of bullshit and unconventional things. The United States is entering a geriatric leadership phase with a side nurse. That says a lot about what is coming.

Biden = Bye or By the end
Harris = Harass – plague, pester, torment

People, you have been letdown by the politicians and media. Time to think about your security and protection in pandemic times.


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