Coronavirus, Economy, etc: News Update from an Elite Source

This post was created to give weekly updates regarding the coronavirus and the impact it is having on the economy, stock market, etc. The blurb entries are directly from a longtime elite source (DB) that goes way back to World War II, and an associate (IN):

June 6, 2020: Updates from DB in pause mode. – As some type of clean up operation is now ongoing inside the Untied States, with Trump and his team against the neocons and the Deep State trouble-making. (The editor will later contribute some blurbs.) 

April 25, 2020 – Editor: Reopening of America accelerates as states prepare to relax restrictions; article, here.

April 17, 2020 – Editor: Governor Cuomo launches war against President Trump. Shutdown backlash brewing in the United States. And options are being put to Trump: Reprimand his administration for responding late to the outbreak. Probably with congressional hearings? Or, how far the Deep State troublemakers will go to push disruptive intervention, i.e. civil unrest, in everyday life in the US since World War II. Pentagon Readying Force to Deploy in Streets of Washington, DC to Enforce Martial Law. – Washington’s Governor Accuses Trump of ‘Fomenting Domestic Rebellion’ After ‘Liberate’ States Calls.

April 14, 2020 – Editor: Governor Cuomo has announced that the “The worst is over” for New York City regarding the coronavirus. Article, here.

April 13, 2020 – DB:  Try not to have an emotional reaction to everything that is said on the TV. Observe everything with logic. That if you get caught up in the emotional drama, the psychological warfare by the media will affect you. (Editor: They seem to be suggesting that there’s more that is going on, than what the public is being told. Do not get too caught up in the coronavirus drama, there’s more to it.) – New Rule: Panic Porn regarding coronavirus | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), video, here.

April 11, 2020 – Editor:  Was the corona-virus event deliberate? Is it being used to cover up an economic collapse? The bankers, capitalists and dysfunctional governments do not want to take the blame. The virus has put in place a worldwide quarantine and a form of worldwide Martial Law. And they were able to do this very skillfully using the virus outbreak as a cover. The countries that are badly affected by the virus, are those countries to experience the worst of the economic collapse and so measures are being put in place to control eventual problematic situations, like civil unrest? – News articles are being published warning of a “second wave of infection”. Is this diplomatic language for “extension” of the quarantine and lock-down so that the computer money swindlers can buy more time to come up with a temporary infusion of digital-lifeline money?

Since the United States owe the most in debt on the planet, that was used to build its hegemonic world police military force, etc., is it going to experience the most severe meltdown? The United States Federal Reserve is now squabbling to find ways to create trillions of dollars out of nothing to stave off the now pending economic collapse. If it is able to work some magic, we will get through the virus pandemic drama, and kick the pending economic collapse a few years down the road, but not by much, say approximately 8 years, until another virus event reappears again for governments to implement the same safeguards, only this time, what we have come to know as western capitalism will finally come to an end along with its fakery financial abuse. Is this coronavirus a warning hinting at the definite and final end, in the coming years? If so, we must take the opportunity, of the years allotted to us, to seriously prepare for the end of capitalism and Wall Street abuse.

March 29, 2020 – DB:  Says a global fiscal stimulus is coming and will be a powerful tailwind for growth across much of the developed world. And that to “buy the f’n dip” – referring to the idea of buying a stock or commodity during a price decline. (Editor: Because when Mr. Market is over [the manipulating hands] the stock market is going back up.)

March 28, 2020 – Editor: While the United States is caught up in government and media bickering, – the first train with medical supplies for Europe leaves Wuhan as China eases Covid-19 lockdown, here. – While President Trump and his team are in disagreement regarding treatment drug for coronavirus, Russia presents Covid-19 TREATMENT based on existing anti-malaria drug, here. – Wuhan reopens subway, allows incoming traffic as it phases out 2-month coronavirus lockdown, here. – Russian biodefense troops disinfect nursing home in coronavirus-hit Italy, here. – Aircraft from China with medical supplies arrives in New York City, here; video, here. – Trump Says Russia Sent ‘Very, Very Large Planeload’ of Supplies to U.S. to Fight COVID-19, here.

March 25, 2020 (updated March 27, 2020) – DB: The latest scare, the coronavirus, is over. The event, is winding down, will come to an end. (Editor: Sounds like April clearing.) Buy good quality, (Editor: referring to stocks), because they are on sale now. (Editor: Stocks prices have dropped.  PS: Also a power-shift on the world’s stage is taking place. The USA is pulling back. This is going to continue into the future. I will write a few lines about this soon, but the power base in the USA is shifting from the New York East coast. That’s the reason why President Trump moved his residence from New York City to Florida, here. The coronavirus gave the East coast a jolt. The Italian and Jewish power brokers in New York City, their reign is ending. The Epstein and Weinstein takedown was part of the operation. A faction war has erupted within the United States, between American patriots, mostly Anglo, against Jewish power brokers and leftovers from the Italian mafia gone into politics – Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, etc. As changes takes place in America, expect lots of political infighting between variants of Democrats and Republicans. In the coronavirus aftermath many things will be unsettled. And it’s highly likely that the U.S. media will be critical of the country’s coronavirus pandemic for the purpose of trying to remove President Trump from office.)

(Editor: All shops except grocery stores to be closed in Moscow until April 5, here. – Putin: Russia May Defeat Coronavirus in Less Than 3 Months [late June], here. – Trump says coronavirus crisis could last until July or August, here. – COVID-19 epicenter, China’s Wuhan prepares to end lockdown, here. – The British government has downgraded the coronavirus from being an acute infectious disease with a high case fatality rate, here. – COVID-19 Survival Guide, here.)

(Editor: United States expects the coronavirus to peak in the second week of April, and that the coronavirus could kill 81,000 in the U.S., and to subside in June, according to Washington University analysis, here. – New York City Prepares Refrigerator Trucks and Tents to Cope With Rising COVID-19 Death Toll, here. – Coronavirus cases hit 2 largest U.S. cities [New York and California], here. – Bill Gates warns [U.S.] lockdown could last 10 WEEKS and should be ‘nationwide’, here. – Snowden Warns [U.S.] Government Surveillance Amid COVID-19 Could Be Long Lasting, here. – Bosses Buy Spy Software to Keep Tabs on Remote Workers, here. – [Faulty test kits?] Virus test results in minutes? Scientists question accuracy, here. – Truckers Wary of New York Deliveries Create Headache for Grocers, here. – GOVERNOR CUOMO WARNED WAR! with President Trump, here.Pandemic could spark unrest among urban poor [Editor: Sounds like steps closer to Martial law?], here. – Will coronavirus lead to martial law?, here. – U.S. Military to withhold coronavirus infection data, here. – As the Pentagon becomes engaged in the anti-coronavirus measures in the US, it announced that the military would be able to hide information about the number of infected American servicemen, here. – The United States was unprepared and the political parties in government are often at loggerheads and the U.S. media in disarray to public service. The United States government and media are best turned for information war and mudslinging. – Even still continuing is the ongoing U.S. media criticalness of China and Russia handling of their coronavirus outbreak.)

(Editor: Youtubers rambling thoughts about the coronavirus, which is natural. However, there are some who strictly believe that one should only express thoughts based on what the establishment or reputable persons with degrees have put forth as facts. This can stifle the natural thinking process of analysis from observance. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated…and when the September 11, 2001 event happened in New York City and Arlington, Virginia, truths were covered up. This happens when clandestine motives are intertwined with events that the public are not to know about immediately, and therefore half-truths and lies are put forth as facts to give the public an immediate answer. Analysis by persons observing are immediately shutdown, and there are those who believe that conspiracy thoughts are below their feet.)

(Editor: Youtuber expressing thoughts, hypothetical: They believe it was a virus that was made as a weapon by whomever. …I don’t think it’s as bad as they are saying it is. …How can the virus travel so fast? …They say it’s not airborne, and airborne to me means it’s like pollen, – but they are saying, if you sneeze the virus can live on something if not cleaned, like an handle or table, etc. for a certain amount of time. …If that is the case, how come it has spread so fast? And a lot of us weren’t in China. How did the virus travel? Unless they put it in stuff [like clothing, etc.] we done bought from China. [Editor: If that is true, then planning was active many months before the virus started to spread.] …All these people have it, but where are the funerals, they haven’t shown any funerals, where are the families of these people? Why are they not being interviewed. Then you have celebrates saying that, oh, they have coronavirus, but none of them have symptoms. And I am like, ok, and why do they all go to the internet/media and announced that they have it.  None of them have shown their test papers, all is verbal for the public to believe. Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, etc. they all say they have it and no proof, – influencers. Show More

And the funeral homes are saying, these people have been dying, we are burying people, but yet no footage is shown. So I’m thinking that they are using these people as billboards to scare folks. – I thought that the U.S. was in debt. So, I am over here thinking, if the U.S. is in debt, what are one of the ways they can make money? Trump knows how to make some money, and it’s tax season, you-all have money, [they] come up with the virus that is going crazy, for the people to go out and spend their money on stuff to put money back into the economy that probably would never have gone in there so quickly. I believe that the virus is real, but I do not think that it’s as deadly as they are saying. Common sense tells us that colds and flus hurt old people’s immune systems that are weak and little kids immune systems are not as strong. Now they’re saying, it’s traveling everywhere. Now they have everybody’s attention and everybody is scared. They have everybody thinking, you can walk around and not know you have it, and spread it. – And you have people going around and buying groceries and stuff, and I feel that put money back into the economy. – Like I said, I believe it’s real, but I don’t believe it is as contagious like they say. And now you have people acting crazy, some are like scavengers for food, – it’s like an experiment, a study, and observing, they see that these people are going to hurt each other, for greed, hunger, etc. and then they say, lets shut the towns down, and give the reason why,  that the virus is spreading, to put in place Martial law. And now a lot of people have gone out and bought guns. Now, they have shutdown your jobs, and that’s going to affect your money…and now you have a desperateness; a savage mindset, and that’s why I feel it brings along a purge, because people are going to want to get stuff by any means. And you now need Martial law for control and order. The Youtuber video, here.)

March 17, 2020 – DB: Quarantine – shelter in place. (Editor: Could be referring to people being told to stay home until further notice.)

March 16, 2020 – DB: The drop in the stock market will be impressive. (Editor: implying BIG.) Followed by a big recovery, a guarantee. (Editor: Mr. Market at work, manipulating. It’s gambling.) That timing is the question. We are evolving. (Editor: hinting at some type of change coming.)

March 16, 2020 – DB: The next 3 weeks the coronavirus will begin to stabilize, easing. (Editor: So that would bring us into mid-April.) The stock market tumbling will recover. (Editor: The power investors with inside information on how the stock market works are going to make a lot of money, and as always stockpiling it.)

March 16, 2020 – Editor: We still have some weeks to go before the coronavirus hyped up drama fizzles out. And by the middle of April things should start to stabilize and by very late April into very early May the clearing announcing itself, with the after effects lingering: the impact on the economy, supply chains of goods, etc.  (Editor: How Long Will the Coronavirus Outbreak and Shutdown Last? Here.)

March 11, 2020 – DB: Supermarkets and stores using the coronavirus to move dead stock, thanks to marketing and paranoid customers.

March 10, 2020 – DB: All is clearing regarding the coronavirus. The event was hyped up. The indicator is working perfectly. (Editor: Could be referring to the timeline where the hyped up event comes to an end. Days before, they said we were some halfway through the hyped up event.)

March 8, 2020 – DB: They gave President Trump a formula to prevent him from getting coronavirus. They were very secretive about what this formula was. That if it was revealed, many would come knocking at their door. (Editor: Trump tested negative for the coronavirus, White House physician says, here.)

March 6, 2020 – DB: Says to be prepared because the coronavirus is coming to your city, and is already in 100+ countries. And that it is not a matter of “if”, but “when” and not to be afraid. And that this coronavirus might cleanse the world of bad things like the overpricing of healthcare and the ongoing very wasteful wars. And to be prepared. (Editor: The Covid-19 pandemic exposes deep flaws in America’s broken healthcare system, here. US now left without harsh coronavirus options, but with broken healthcare & federal disarray, here. – White House Mulls Reopening 2020 Enrollment for Obamacare for Those Affected by Coronavirus Outbreak, here. – Escapism or China-bashing? US now left without harsh coronavirus options, but with broken healthcare & federal disarray, here. – Coronavirus is going to hit every city in America, here. – High density, unequal access to health care, and poverty among medical workers are some of the persistent issues that have accelerated New York City’s coronavirus outbreak, here. – USA Tried to Build New Fleet of Ventilators. Mission Failed, here. – Desperate states in the U.S. encounter beleaguered national stockpile of ventilators, here.)

March 5, 2020 – DB: We maybe partway there… The next [weeks* of] stocks will show this pattern [in the negative]. (Editor: Could be referring to the negative impact that the coronavirus will have on the stock market. That we are about halfway through it. *The timeline for weeks in unknown. Stocks were down in the negative -969 points on March 5.)

March 3, 2020 – DB: The US Fed is going to have to open another around of quantitative easing. (Editor: The Federal Reserve cutting interest rate by half a point is a result of the coronavirus – the negative impact it is going to have on the US economy in the coming months. – The US Fed announced quantitative easing from the coronavirus, here.)

March 2, 2020 – Editor: News about the coronavirus, for China, will improve in April. (Editor: Zhong Nanshan says, “We are confident that it will be largely contained [in China] by the end of April”, here.)

March 2, 2020 – DB: The coronavirus cases in China have stabilized at 75K a month after the epidemic. (Editor: Article in Chinese, summary translation, here.) The media is engaged in psyops (psychological warfare) inciting fear about the spreading of the virus in China. (Editor: China winning battle against COVID-19, offering assistance to other countries, here. – Big drop in China coronavirus infections, here. – China winning battle against coronavirus, here. – COVID-19 epicenter Wuhan prepares to end lockdown, here.)

March 2, 2020 – DB: The stock market will recover quickly from the impact of the coronavirus. (Editor: Maybe some type of manipulation is involved. The timeline for “quickly” was not defined.)

March 1, 2020 – DB: The coronavirus is affecting China’s economy, Deutsche bank is going to get hit. (Editor: Deutsche predicts ‘a severe global recession’ amid the coronavirus, here. – Can Europe and the U.S. Follow China’s Lead on Economic Recovery?, here. – Planning For Recovery: Lessons Learned From China, here. – Coronavirus Could Cause Unprecedented Financial Crisis, here.)

March 1, 2020 – IN: If China had backed off from Hong Kong it would have been okay. Since it did not, the United States, blew fire, i.e the virus, in an attempt to take China down.

March 1, 2020 – IN: 5G, for example, say something bad about President Trump and you’ll find out what the 5G network can do; the people, will not enjoy it. (Editor: Hinting at weaponization of the technology.)

February 26, 2020 – DB: The downturn in the stock market is from manipulation on the private side. (Editor: The collapse in oil prices and global financial markets was caused by the actions of Saudi Arabia and Washington DC to destabilize the political situation in Russia, here.)

February 26, 2020 – DB: The stock market is far from over.

February 22, 2020 – DB: Asked if the summer Tokyo Olympics was still on. (Editor: As if it did, they would be surprised. This seems to imply that countries around the world are going to show coronavirus infection cases until the situation stabilized. So this could last close to 2020 year end. The ruling elites are engaged in secret warfare. – Tokyo 2020 Olympics officially postponed until 2021, here.)


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