Senseless Wars

Shakeup in the International Order of Wars

BATTLE FOR WORLD / WORLD ACCORDING TO JESSE | October 21, 2019: The crazy alliances in NATO,…we need to back up and look at the whole picture. Go back a few years ago and asked this question: Why are we (the United States) in Syria in the first place? A couple years ago we pumped a bunch of rockets in there, isn’t that an act of war? Sending your military into another foreign country; isn’t that an act of war?

When as our Congress voted to go to war in Syria to authorize us to even have troops in Syria? They’re a sovereign nation. Assad’s in charge we (the United States government) don’t like him and want him gone, but he does not even want us there and they are there own country. So what right does the United States have and I’m backing up here a few years, to have troops in there, to pump missiles in there, and then claim that they are doing it for humanitarian reasons.  I have never seen a missile that’s used for humanitarians reasons. They don’t carry medicine and they don’t carry food and water and blankets, they blow up and kill people.

So my question is: Why are we in Syria in the first place when the Congress was violating our own constitution and putting our troops in fighting positions in countries we have not declared war [with]?

I realize that we seem not to declare war anymore;…but its time to start doing it and start following our constitution.

Getting back to the issue at hand, the Kurds don’t make us any money and that seems to be the overlaying thing with our country right now on who we support and who we don’t. Those that gives us money we are behind them all the way. Those that can’t turn a profit, we turn our back on them.


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