Renters in Los Angeles, San Francisco opting for bunk beds in communal homes

BATTLE FOR WORLD / DAILY MAIL | July 8, 2019: The article highlights that renters in Los Angeles and San Francisco in California United States are opting for pods in communal home with a desk, locker, bunkbed and personal TV, as well as a shared living room, kitchen, food such as cereal, toiletries, toilet paper, laundry machines and WiFi access.

The company PodShare has six locations across Los Angeles and San Francisco where they provide 10 to 15 bunkbeds per space. The founder Elvina Beck says early tenants used to be young adults moving to a new city, but now they are renting to older adults and business travelers. Each tenant must agree to lights off by 10pm, no guests are allowed and tenants can’t have sex.

In a study conducted by Harvard University this year (2019), it was revealed that one-in-three Americans can’t afford to pay rent, and in cities such as San Francisco, the average rent for an apartment is about $3,900 per month. While PodShare only requires $1,200 for a one month stay in a communal space.


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