Syria Regime-Change Lobby, Washington DC

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Syria regime-change lobby canceled Max Blumenthal book launch event

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 4, 2019: The article highlights that the anti-Damascus lobby in the US has coerced a bookstore in Washington DC to “postpone” the launch of investigative journalist Max Blumenthal’s new book, which exposes dirty secrets of US regime-change tactics, he told RT.

The award-winning author was due to speak at the Politics and Prose bookstore in the US capital on Wednesday (April 3) night, before the organizers abruptly “postponed” the event, citing possible security and “substance” concerns. The Syrian American Council (a US-backed opposition group) is to blame for the cancellation, Blumenthal told RT.

And said that: “What we’re seeing is a censorship campaign to cover up one of the greatest scandals of our time.” – The war in Syria based on lies.


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